Do Job Listings Favor Those Already Employed?

Many job listings of all types can be said to favor those already employed. This is because almost all career openings are seeking common, proven backgrounds and skills usually held by individuals who are currently employed.

Many job listings require that applicants have at least two or three years of employment experience in the job related field, unless it's a purely entry level job where no experience is required.

On many occasions candidates are expected to have some form of experience, educational training or a Bachelors Degree. Those who are already employed may also possess academic credentials to supplement their work experience. Having both a degree and applied experience is sometimes what employers are looking for in their potential job applicant pool.

If you are job searching, but are not currently employed or lack the detailed experience that might be listed in the job description for your dream job, don’t be frightened by the notion that employers might lean towards hiring those who are already employed. Leverage the skills and experiences that you do have.

When employers post a job, they want to attract candidates who've demonstrated an aptitude for the job skills, have shown social interaction skills, and have been dedicated and hardworking employees. Those who are employed might have an easier time showcasing their skills with examples from their current job. The key is to use what you have to offer to position yourself for the jobs you apply for.

If you aren’t working full time, highlight your volunteer work or community service. Remember, it’s not about whether or not you have a job currently; rather it is about the skills you possess that are applicable to the position you are applying for.

Being unemployed does not mean you don’t have a chance of getting the job you want. It just means you have to work a little harder to showcase how you can be a fit for the position.