CTU Colorado Springs - IEEE Distinguished Speaker

Computer Society Technical Meeting
IEEE Distinguished Speaker
Dr. George J. Proeller

Personal Electronic Devices; iPODS, PDAs and Cell Phones - a Forensics Discussion

iPods, PDAs, and cell phones continue to merge in form, fit, and functionality and now include data acquisition (cameras, keyboards, usb ports, etc), data aggregation, and storage (some up to 80 gigabytes), and communications capabilities (IR, Bluetooth, wireless internet access, and cellular telephone). This presentation provides insights into the features and capabilities of such systems, their possible uses in unethical and possibly unlawful activities, and as discussion of the concepts of forensic analyses and approaches useful in combating such uses.

When: March 25th from 12:00—13:30
Where: CTU Room 252 / 1
Cost: Free for Student IEEE Members—$6.00 for all others—Sub sandwiches to be provided

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Biography: Dr. George J. Proeller is an experienced security engineer. He holds numerous Security Certifications and graduate degrees including Masters of Science in Computer Security and Software Engineering from Colorado Technical University where he also earned a Doctorate in Computer Science with an emphasis on Enterprise Information Systems. Dr. Proeller is active in several professional organizations including the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), the Industrial Advisory Board of the Colorado State University, and the IEEE. Internationally, George is engaged in the Security Outreach and Awareness Project to extend Information  Security awareness and education to students in South America.