What You Need When You Fix Your Computer

Fixing a ComputerAttempting to fix your computer is stressful enough, so scrambling around to find backup discs and paperwork only makes it worse. You can improve the situation, however, by assembling the right tools and materials before you start the repairs.

Of course, if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your system, you might not know what you need ahead of time. But before you start, consider using these helpful repair tools and aids.

  • Computer manuals and documentation. Checking your computer instructions might give you repair hints, plus it always helps to have your warranty information on hand if you need to call tech support.
  • Tools. You’ll probably need screwdrivers at the very least if you have to take apart a computer tower case or the back of a laptop to access the hardware.
  • Operating system discs and other important software. If your computer has a virus or is generally in bad shape, you might have to format it, which entails clearing all the data off your hard drive. Make sure you have your installation discs handy so you can reinstall your operating system and other important programs after formatting.
  • An external hard drive or back-up discs. Usually the scariest part of having a broken computer is the possibility of losing all of your data. If you can, back up any important files on an external hard drive before you try to repair or format your computer.
  • An external disc drive. You only need an external disc drive if you don’t have a disc drive or you have a broken one. If you need to reinstall your operating system in either situation, however, the easiest way is to connect your computer to an external disc drive.
  • A hard drive enclosure. This can help you in three situations:
    1. You’re not sure what’s wrong with your computer
    2. Something other than your other hard drive is broken
    3. Your computer won’t even start up

An enclosure allows you to remove the hard drive and boot it up externally on another computer so that you can save your information or try formatting your hard drive.

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