Ten Signs that Your Computer Could Have a Virus

Information Technology and Computer VirusesSometimes our computers act so bizarrely that we can no longer deny that some kind of malware, or malicious software, has caught us off guard. Downloading an antivirus program and using the Internet carefully are great ways to protect your computer, but cluttering your system with unnecessary and even dangerous files and programs is inevitable.

Below are ten major signs that your computer could be infected. Some of these are more obvious than others, but knowing all of the warning signs can help you catch viruses early. If your computer shows more than a couple of these signs, it’s time to get your computer checked out.

  1. Your friends ask you why you’re sending suspicious emails. Either someone has hacked your email account or you’ve downloaded malware.
  2. Pop-ups appear on your screen even when you’re not browsing the Internet.
  3. Your computer is super slow. It takes between five seconds and several minutes to open an Internet browser, load normal programs, etc.
  4. Your computer won’t boot into its operating system. While this could mean that one of your files has an error, it can also mean that your hard drive is infected.
  5. Your computer freezes, which means that a virus could be disrupting normal program functioning.
  6. You see the “Blue Screen of Death,” an error screen saying that your operating system has crashed.
  7. You click windows, menus, or icons and nothing happens.
  8. Your security settings have been turned off or other settings have mysteriously been changed.
  9. Your computer shuts on and off by itself.
  10. Your files or programs work incorrectly.

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