Online Group Tactics

Completing an online degree can be a challenge. However, it can also be a rewarding place when someone is able to work in a group setting. Group settings are established usually by the school and rules are set into place. The online schools usually call this a "discussion board." A lot of online schools are using this as a way to for students to communicate to each other and to complete an assignment together.

A discussion board may be over an assignment or a topic. Usually, the student is required to post about a given topic and then replies to several other students on their thread. These group learning tactics are beneficial because it is a way to keep the student accountable for a certain reading or lecture.

Another way to be a part of a group, while attending an online school, is to use Skype or a "webinar". Actually seeing the people you are working with can be a major motivator for students. Also, having live chats and being able to speak your mind about a specific topic is always an awesome experience for everyone. When choosing a school to attend online, a person should really look into the different ways a student is able to become involved in projects and discussions. Online classes can be a rewarding experience and a lot of schools are going out of their way to make students feel involved and successful!

Cooperative learning is another way schools engage students into groups. Assigning students a group and a specific assignment allows each student to contribute their positive assets to the group. In order to get a completed grade all students must help to complete the assignment. Group work promotes team effort and also engages the students in meaningful conversations that will enhance the cognitive experience.