Nine Great Websites for Business Majors to Read Before an Interview

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Post-graduate work is a challenging undertaking, whether earning an Online MBA or a bachelor’s in business from a traditional university. The effort, however, doesn’t stop once the thesis is completed and graduation is over. Although a graduate degree in business can help when looking to begin a career, it’s advisable to research various interview processes, common application questions, and general helpful hints regarding resumes, letters of reference, and even recommended attire. Several websites are excellent resources to assist with this process.

  1. – Aptly named, the Quintessential Careers website is perhaps one of the most thorough and comprehensive collections of resources for the potential jobseeker on the web. The site is divided into separate sections for students, jobseekers and even career-changers; each section, then, is narrowed down even further. Various job seeking tools include resume and cover letter help, interview tips, and even job postings.
  2. – is also an excellent resource for those looking to fine-tune their resumes or hone their interviewing skills. The career advice section of Monster is incredibly user-friendly and offers original, more personalized advice, such as cover letters for older workers and how to assess a company’s culture during the interview process.
  3. – Written by Alan Chapman, this site focuses more on the ethical and personal development of teams within a business, but these self-exploration techniques can also be used by the jobseeker who may have difficulty settling on a career path. There are mock job interviews, writing templates, and even a section dedicated to stress management and relief.
  4. Microsoft Interview Wikipedia – This section of Wikipedia can be immensely helpful to the business graduate who is seeking a career with a Fortune 500 company. According to Wikipedia, the Microsoft Interview was developed by the company to assess potential employees for Microsoft. The process was so innovative that it was adopted by several large-scale corporations, including Google. Wikipedia breaks the entire process down into detailed descriptions with sample interview questions and detailed descriptions of what the company is really looking for in an interviewee.
  5. – As indicated by its name, this site is dedicated solely to the interview process, from preparation to typical questions to follow-up. There are tips for phone interviews, group interviews, and informational interviews. There are even sample interviews broken down by career type, including management and even nanny interviews.
  6. - With over 2 million page views per month, this job interview and career guide blog claims to probably be the most popular guide on the internet for job interviewing, resume writing, and career-related topics. Notable categories include examples of questions that the interviewee should ask and how to negotiate salary.
  7. – Like everything produces, the Job Searching category is well-organized and user-friendly. There is a job search forum where users can discuss frustrations and successes and ask questions, and numerous categories and subcategories that cover everything from mistakes to avoid during the interview process to employment law.
  8. - Paperblog has a variety of magazines covering everything from love & relationships to sports to celebrity news. The Career magazine (found in the drop-down menu of the “Business” tab) offers articles with a fresh take on the job search process. There are numerous authors who contribute original articles based on years of experience, which offers the jobseeker a variety of perspectives.
  9. – This site is an in-depth examination of job interview questions. It covers type of questions, such as open-ended and hypothetical questions, and closed-ended and leading questions. It even covers illegal interview questions and questions about disabilities. Finally, there is a section devoted to interview questions by job type.

It would seem that, after all of the work that is involved in earning a bachelor’s or graduate degree; the tough part should be over. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of effort involved in finding a job once the diploma is earned. Perusing the resources above will help in preparation for the interview process, which will hopefully lead to a rewarding career.