Ralph Mowers Defeats Challenges

CTU Success Story - Student Ralph MowersRalph Mowers is determined to finish his degree, and he’s making it happen through his own grit and a little help. His ultimate goal is entrepreneurship – he hopes to go into business as an independent IT consultant.  Ralph has been enrolled since 2012, and is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Information Technology with a concentration in Software Engineering.

Ralph has Multiple Sclerosis, and the online schedule of courses has proven flexible enough for him to maintain.

“My Student Success Coach Stephanie was able to help me with all my options, and made sure I stayed on track during the difficult times,” Ralph said. Thanks to his own hard work and assistance from Stephanie, Ralph is set to complete his degree on time.

He’s learned a few things along the way that might help other students. Through his time at CTU, Ralph has discovered the benefits of getting started right away on communicating with the instructor, and using the tools and resources on the Virtual Campus, like SmartThinking and the Learning Labs.

“The main thing I think new students need to be able to do, is communicate,” said Ralph. He also recommends they take advantage of discussion boards to chat and connect with other students online.

Ralph’s coursework has increased his own confidence.  When he first started coding, he did a lot of unnecessary coding – learning programming languages at CTU has helped him immensely.

“Now I’m able to program much more efficiently – I don’t need as much code to do the same tasks that I did before.”

Ralph had an inspiring faculty member in Carl Lloyd, who helped make sure everyone understood the course material.

“He really went above and beyond,” Ralph said. “He gave his own time to ensure everyone had all the tools necessary to complete the course.”

Now Ralph is enjoying passing on that gift to other students, helping a fellow student understand the programming logic behind Java. Ralph was able to spend time with her and help her build the necessary knowledge to move on to the next step.

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