The Insider’s Guide to LinkedIn with John Hill

On June 14 and 15 Colorado Technical University held its graduation ceremony in Denver. The event drew nearly 600 graduates from around the world, as well as nationally recognized speakers, including John Hill who sat down with us after his presentation to share additional thoughts on leveraging LinkedIn to propel your career.

CTU Graduation speaker - John Hill, Higher Education Evangelist at LinkedIn

When John Hill addressed CTU’s graduates he offered three important pieces of advice:

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete
  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Dream big

Here are some additional tips Hill offered in a conversation after his presentation:

Tap into the “hidden” areas of LinkedIn.

Of course, LinkedIn has nothing to hide. But there are many parts of LinkedIn that are underused and commonly overlooked by the average LinkedIn user. One such area is the Find Alumni search tool located under the “Network” navigation link. Did you know there are nearly 29,000 CTU alumni on LinkedIn? This is just one of the many features LinkedIn provides to help you build relationships that matter.

Build a relational network.

Professional networking isn’t about how many people you can add as LinkedIn connections. Instead, it’s about developing relationships with others. The more quality connections you build into your network, the more insight and opportunity you glean from it.

Consider what you can give.

While you may want to immediately reap the benefits of LinkedIn networking, John Hill suggests helping others as a way to build stronger connections. People like to help those who have helped them, so always approach relationships by asking: What can I give? Often, it’s gratitude and appreciation, but it may also be a relevant news article, a recommendation or a note congratulating someone on a new promotion.

Hill reminds us that your LinkedIn profile is part of your job search currency, so be sure your profile reflects your personal brand in a clear, succinct way. Then, build quality relationships by approaching people with the right etiquette, realizing they are busy working professionals too.

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Image Credit: LinkedIn