Psychology is WHAT?

By Jeremy Lucabaugh, CTU Adjunct Faculty - Psychology

PsychologyMost of us think about psychology in terms of mental health and counseling. Sure, psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, but when do we behave and think?  ALL of the time, of course.  Students considering a course in psychology might want to take a look at the many exciting aspects of their lives to get a better understanding of just how vast the study of psychology really is.

One of today’s most popular TV shows, for example, is Criminal Minds.  This show about FBI profilers revolves around a specific field of study: Forensic Psychology.  The use of science to build a profile that narrows down who the bad guys are to save lives is quite exciting, don’t you think?  Individuals in CTU’s criminal justice program may be especially interested in this field of study.

But what happens once the bad guy is caught and put on trial?  The focus shifts to Jury Psychology.  Defense attorneys want to get their client off the hook, and prosecutors naturally want to convict.  Especially in high profile cases, each side may bring in a Jury Psychologist to analyze behaviors and assess responses of potential jurors.  The defense attorney can then select jurors who will be most sympathetic to their client, and prosecutors can keep the jurors who are most likely to convict!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  From the fields of Sports Psychology to Clinical Psychology, psychologists study all aspects of the human experience.  Why did pirates wear eye patches? Ask a cognitive psychologist.  Do we really get stuck behind a school bus every time we are late for work? Ask a research psychologist. How can a salesperson skyrocket their sales numbers?  Ask a behavioral psychologist.  

Consider what happens around you every day. Studying psychology can help us better understand all that is going on around us at any given moment.  Oh, and how do we decide what to pay attention to when we are driving, eating, talking, walking, and studying?  You guessed it: ask a psychologist!

Jeremy LucaboughJeremy Lucabaugh is an adjunct faculty member at Colorado Technical University, teaching psychology, industrial/ organizational psychology, and psychological tests and measurements. Lucabaugh has also worked as a consultant, training manager, and business owner. He holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in organization and management.

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