Why Social Media Matters for Online Students

Importance of using social media for online studentsHow can social media be a powerful tool for online students? Jordan Friedman, an online education editor at U.S. News, interviewed CTU’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Connie Johnson, on how online students can use social media to better their education experiences.

For prospective students, social media can offer a way to research online program options and engage alumni, current students, or faculty to help answer questions and gather more information. For current students, online communities can help extend your support system and be a valuable tool for networking.

In the article, 4 Ways to Use Social Media as an Online Student, Dr. Connie Johnson said, "The world is now engaging on social media,” and "The benefit is that we can reach students through a number of different avenues that they are on anyway." It’s important for colleges and universities to keep this in mind as they develop programming and course resources, especially for online students.

For students enrolled in online programs, Friedman offers these four ways students can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Hangouts, and LinkedIn to enhance their education experiences:

  1. Create a virtual classroom environment
  2. Work with and get to know classmates
  3. Ask experts and online communities questions in real time
  4. Build a professional presence and showcase your work

From helping you connect with classmates to building your professional digital profile, social media can be a powerful tool for online students when utilized in these ways. Check out CTU’s social communities, read Friedman’s full article, and learn more about Dr. Connie Johnson.

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