Hit the Refresh Button on Your Job Search

CTU Career Services offers networking adviceWith a new year, we often reevaluate the past twelve months and reflect. We often make resolutions or set new goals based on our reflections, but what does that mean for your career? Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind as you look back at 2015 and continue your strong start in 2016. 

Re-evaluate Your Job

First ask yourself, WHAT is important to you in a career? Is it the contribution you make to the community, flexibility or just to be financially stable? Start re-evaluating what is important to you and determine if your employer is meeting your expectations, or, if you are not employed, look for companies that share the same values.

Re-evaluate Your Job Search

Once you understand what your career values are, ask yourself: is the work you are doing getting the results that you desire? If the answer is no, then it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.


Ultimately, your résumé will play an intricate and crucial role in your job search, and while different people will have different opinions of how it should look and what it should contain, yours is the most important. Take a step back and think if you were hiring for the position you are applying for, would YOU call this person in for an interview over everyone else?

While reviewing your resume ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the resume clearly state or provide enough information to determine the TYPE of position you are applying to?
  2. Is the resume well organized and easy to follow? This will include fonts and formatting.
  3. Does the resume utilize keywords that can be picked up by applicant tracking systems specific to the job posting?

Researching Employers

Utilizing the internet for your job search can be very beneficial. Make sure that you are an informed job search candidate who makes sound decisions! What does this mean?

It means that you are well informed on the positions you are seeking. Learn about the industry, trends and future outlook for the position you are interested in. Once you obtain the job, what is the next step? Is there room for growth??

Research the organizations as you start receiving interviews. Understand their mission and their values. Do these closely match with what you believe in and what you want to do? This will help you with the interview process as you prepare questions to ask the interviewer.

Starting questions with “I saw in the news that…” or “I read that your company…” will show that you are interested in the company, their values and keep up with the industry and trends.


Networking is something that can come easily for some and can be challenging for others. Ask yourself, do you understand the importance of networking? What is the big deal?

Try to think of a time, with your current employer or former, where there was an open position. Who got the job? It is very likely that the person hired for that job was from a referral, a friend of a friend.

But what do you do if you hate networking? There are two great ways for those of us who are a bit intimidated by the thought of networking. Those two are volunteering and utilizing online professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to not only obtain additional experience but is also a great opportunity to network. With volunteer work you do not need to worry about being forced to start up conversations as you would be busy with work that would naturally require interaction with others.  It might be providing information on certain topics, setting up events and perhaps mingling with event coordinators or participants, or you could help out at check in tables providing information, handing out name tags, etc. This is a good way to meet people, with easy ways to start conversations about things that you are volunteering for. Most importantly, you will leave an impression.

Professional online networking sites such as LinkedIn are great ways to network with professionals within your area of interest. You can often join groups and participate within the online communities by sharing your ideas and contributing to conversations.

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CTU Career Services Coach Lupita ArellanoAs the Senior Career Coach, Lupita is responsible for supporting the mission of CTU and Career Services by adhering to strict compliance and regulatory requirements. Lupita has been with CTU Career Services since 2009 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Westwood College of Technology. She is an active Domestic Violence Volunteer Advocate having completed the state-mandated training for the purposes of providing support, safety planning and domestic violence education.