Getting To Know CTU Mobile

CTU Mobile App on two phonesCTU Mobile has a wealth of features and functions to enhance and streamline your academic experience, and once you've familiarized yourself with its environment, there's really no limit to what you can accomplish with just a few taps and swipes. We've worked hard to make every feature intuitive and easy to use, but if you're new to CTU Mobile it can still take a little getting used to. Here's a quick guide to setting up the app and getting started so your first experience with CTU Mobile is as stress-free as possible.

Getting Started
Your journey with CTU Mobile starts with downloading it from the App Store (for iPhone/iPad users) or Google Play (for Android users). When you open the app for the first time you'll be prompted to enter your username and password. This is the same information you use to log into CTU's web-based education portal. Check the "Remember Me" box to save yourself from having to enter your username every time you open CTU Mobile.

The Home View
Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to CTU Mobile's Home view. At the top you'll see a meter that represents your current progress toward finishing your degree. The dark red portion is the work you've completed and the grey area is how far you have left to go. You'll also see the bell in the upper right hand corner with a red badge and number that represents the number of unviewed notifications you have. These can include newly posted grades, changes to the Live Chat schedule, unsubmitted assignments due within the next 24 hours, and other helpful notifications to keep you well informed.

When you scroll down, you'll see separate areas for Classes, Tasks, and Contacts. Tapping on any of these will take you into a much more detailed environment but from the Home view you can still see your current grades for all active classes, a list of your next five tasks to complete, and contact information for your advisors and Tech Support. You'll also see a motivational message or academic tip that changes every day.

Tap a specific class on the Home view, and you'll gain access to a central hub where you access nearly everything you need to complete your coursework. At the top of the Class view you'll see three tabs for Assignments, Announcements, and Live Chat Sessions. The Assignments tab displays all of your assignments that have already been graded and those you still need to submit. Graded assignments have a Feedback link you can tap to read any comments left by your instructor. Tap a specific assignment and you'll be taken to your phone's web browser where you can complete the assignment in a mobile-optimized version of the environment you use on your laptop or desktop computer.

Tap Live Chats to view the complete schedule of chats for this course. When you're ready to view scheduled Live Chat, tap the title and you'll be taken out of CTU Mobile and into Adobe Connect Mobile. If you don't have Adobe Connect Mobile, a free app, CTU Mobile will prompt you to download it. Once this is complete, tap on the Live Chat title again, then tap Next after the meeting URL. Via CTU Mobile, you'll enter Live Chats as a Guest rather than a Member. Choose Guest and enter your name. Adobe Connect Mobile will remember these settings the next time you attend a Live Chat.

The Tasks tab is where you'll find a complete list of all of the tasks you have left to complete for the next two weeks. By swiping left you can dismiss a task that has already been completed. This doesn't completely delete the task, it just moves it to the Dismissed tab, where you can restore it if needed. It's important to remember that CTU Mobile never automatically dismisses a task for you. Dismissing tasks as you complete them is entirely your choice. And just because an assignment task says that it's overdue doesn't necessarily mean you haven't done it. It just means it hasn't been dismissed, even if you have completed the assignment and/or submitted it.

IOS users can tap Contacts on the Home view to be taken to an extended directory of individuals and departments that are important to your academic success. The directory is accessible to Android users by tapping on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the screen and selecting Contacts. At the top you'll see your academic advisers (or Success Coach if you have one) followed by your current instructors and important CTU departments like financial aid, admissions, and learning services. Tap on the phone or letter icons to instantly call or email them.

Head to Settings to edit your profile picture and change your app preferences. Upload a new selfie using your device's native camera or photo app. And don't forget to switch on alerts so you'll receive certain CTU notifications even when you don't have CTU Mobile open. Tap Help to access university FAQ's and How To's when you need a helping hand. And don't forget to leave feedback with the CTU Mobile team so we can continue to make improvements in the app for you.

Now that you're a CTU Mobile pro, see our tips on how to save time as an online student.