CTU Alum R.D. Bertsch in Women of Distinction Magazine

Online educationCTU alum Raksha D. Bertsch was recently selected to appear in a monthly issue of a women’s magazine. A 2015 graduate of CTU’s Master of Science in Management program, Bertsch currently works as a Sr. Executive Assistant at a national insurance agency. "I believe that change management is crucial to all types of businesses," Bertsch says regarding the way her new degree has benefited her professionally. Noting that achieving her master's degree has enabled her to "continue to make small differences in my current position," Bertsch hopes to utilize her degree to an even greater extent in the future.

Reflecting back on her time taking online classes at CTU, Bertsch reflects that three factors most helped her get to where she is now: determination in reaching goals and completing coursework, support from her family, and sacrifices made both by herself and her family in the course of pursuing her degree.

"Achieving my lifelong goal in completing my higher education is my success, [but] making my family proud of my accomplishments is also a success because I did not let their efforts and support go to waste," says Bertsch of her feelings following graduation.

Pursuing her higher education has long been one of R.D.'s goals, who noted, "Before I came to CTU, my most compelling goal in life was to attain higher-level education that I did not get an opportunity to complete when I was younger." She is also happy to have finally been able to achieve one of her parents' long-term hopes for her: "Although I was not able to make my parents proud by attending college during their lifetimes, I feel successful in honoring their dreams for me to get a higher education."

Now that Bertsch has earned her master's degree, she says "the next big step for me is to be able to carry my career over to where I can fully utilize my degree." She is currently planning to attend a doctoral program, and continues to put her newfound educational experience to use in her current role overseeing various internal management issues like onboarding and facility operations.

When asked what tips for success she would give to incoming CTU students, Bertsch says, "my advice would be: Education is never a waste of time and it is never too late to make your dreams come true. Nothing is impossible when you have the right mindset."

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Career success will depend largely on the effort put into studies, job search efforts, experience and attitude. The experience of this alumna is not representative of all students. This graduate story is unique and may not represent typical experiences or outcomes for our graduates. Graduates should expect to pursue entry-level opportunities in their chosen fields.