CTU Graduate Brett Amidon Appointed VP of Engineering and Global Product Development at Northrop Grumman

CTU Graduate Brett AmidonNorthrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide. CTU graduate Brett Amidon was appointed to Vice President of Engineering and Global Product Development.

Since 1987, Amidon has held various positions within Northrop Grumman including technical design, engineering analysis, project management and project planning. As time went on, Amidon realized his career path was transitioning into management. “I decided to pursue a degree in business management and program management to give me the skills and pedigree to advance in the business area,” said Amidon.

While hard work and dedication can contribute to upward mobility in the workplace, education may be the final deciding factor. With set determination and the support of his encouraging wife, Amidon began his quest to earn his Bachelor’s degree online from Colorado Technical University.

Online Education

Amidon, among so many working professionals, chose online education because it is a convenient and flexible solution to balancing a busy work schedule and family life. Online courses also offer perks such as shorter semesters and no textbook purchase. There is also the potential for employer tuition grants towards a degree. Amidon says that the professors “possess both a practical and academic depth that resonated with me and I was able to translate the academic into the practical based on my experiences…at Northrop Grumman.”

Although, an online education is not “easier” than the traditional campus classes. Amidon explains, “The expectations and level of dedication required were very high.” He cautions, “I would encourage others to plan…and not lose sight of their goals. Plan, sweat and succeed.”

Making a Difference

As a former Air Force veteran and working in the defense industry, Amidon is motivated due to his belief that freedom is not free but instead won by men and women of our military. “I want to be a significant part of ensuring that the products I build are the best in the world and our men and women come home safe.”

In order to make a difference, add more value to his organization and become a better leader, Amidon turned to higher education to open doors. “Without completing my BS, I would not be a Vice President at Northrop Grumman. The knowledge and practical experience gained through the courses at CTU have allowed me to excel in the complex world of aerospace program management. The alignment of course material with “the real world” is very powerful and gave me the…knowledge to advance.”

The most important lesson he shares from his experience at CTU and for anyone considering advancing their education is this: “If you want it bad enough and are willing to do the work, great things will happen for you!”

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Image Credit: Northrop Grumman