It’s a New Year: Make Your Relationships Count

By CTU Faculty

CTU Health Sciences Degree - New Year's EveLike clockwork, when the New Year rolls around people everywhere resolve to make a fresh start. It makes sense. The slower pace of the holiday season that precedes the New Year is a perfect time for personal reflection. It’s during that time, your mind gravitates to the many things you wish you had done but never seemed to make time for.

So, what do you resolve to do for 2014? If you’re like most people, taking better care of yourself tops your list for 2014, from focusing on exercise and weight management to setting new goals for education or career.

What about better relationships? This can include relationships with your peers at work as well as the personal relationships with friends and family. Humans are designed for interaction, so if you think about it, relationships demand a good deal of your time. Wouldn’t it make sense to make your relationships the best they can be? After all, when you work well with others, you naturally reap benefits.

How can you improve your working relationships? As faculty, we teach our students the importance of networking to develop important relationships. As a business professional and managers, you should be practicing and teaching others that same principle. If you need some guidance on just how to build those connections, read this article from Psychology Today.

How will you improve your relationships in 2014?

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Image credit: Flickr/Bitzcelt