This Week's Top 5 Blogs - 2.20.13

CTU Academic LeadershipAcademic Leadership: 3 C’s to Ensure Success in the Classroom
Most people share their challenges, yet few give as much attention to their success. Of course, we can grow and learn from challenges, but there is just as much growth and learning available when we examine our success.

CTU Criminal Justice Degree - Courtroom TweetingTweeting Jurors and Judges: Can Fair Trials Exist with Social Media?
In previous blogs, we looked at how criminals are using social media and what they’re doing with the information they find online. We also discussed how law enforcement uses social media to track and ultimately prosecute criminals. Now let’s look at how social media is impacting the courtroom.

CTU Homeland Security Degree - Data Privacy6 Internal Security Threats Your Company May Have Overlooked
For data to truly be an asset, there must be processes, procedures, systems and ownership that insure the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of the data. If data does not have these attributes and capabilities, then why should we be concerned with protecting it? This reveals an obvious front-end requirement of the spectrum of data protection.

CTU Cybersecurity Degree - Cybersecurity JobsHot Career Alert: Demand for Cybersecurity Experts on the Rise
Virtually all government and business databases and operations are digitized. Most are linked through communications networks, with many accessible via the Internet. Since information, from national security secrets to trade secrets and daily business operations, is housed in computers and their networks, it’s not surprising that cyberattacks are a major threat to the cyberworld. Within cyberspace, attacks motivated by criminals, hostile governments, terrorists, ex-employees with grudges and hackers have become an epidemic problem.

CTU Online Degree - True Grit True Grit: Does it Help You Become More Successful?
Recently, I came across the idea of “true grit,” or the ability to persevere through the greatest of odds and succeed. This resonated with me because of its relation to my thesis topic on resiliency and cultural expectations where I assessed how cultural upbringing affected resiliency in children

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