Top Five Articles for the Week

CTU Online Degree - Student Centered TeachingInnovation in Higher Education: Student Centered Teaching
Prior to my career in higher education, I consulted with organizations on how to effectively use emerging media to achieve strategic goals. One client was an intermediate school district. I recall conversations with the district’s curriculum consultants about how experts knew (and preached) the value of innovation in teaching and learning, but failed to actually put it into practice.

CTU Health Science Degree - New Year's ClockIt’s a New Year: Make Your Relationships Count
Like clockwork, when the New Year rolls around people everywhere resolve to make a fresh start. It makes sense. The slower pace of the holiday season that precedes the New Year is a perfect time for personal reflection. It’s during that time, your mind gravitates to the many things you wish you had done but never seemed to make time for.

CTU Business Degree - Stakeholder Identification
How to Identify Stakeholders in Project Management
As a project manager responsible for completing projects successfully and within scope, it’s imperative that you know the stakeholders. Stakeholders can be a person or organization with an interest in the project’s completion. This can be anyone from an influential customer, sponsor, the public or performing organization involved in the project. 

CTU Criminal Justice Degree - Understanding RapistsA Look Inside the Mind of a Rapist
One of the most difficult things law enforcement officers must do is to interview rape victims. They must be asked highly intrusive questions that force them to relive an extraordinarily painful experience. Yet the hard, cold fact is that cops aren’t therapists. Their primary goal is to capture the rapist and to keep another victim from going through the same pain.

CTU Computer Science Degree - Safe Data5 Essential Steps to Protect Your Company’s Data
In most organizations, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for alerting the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other key executives of potential security risks related to the business’ critical Information Systems (IS) infrastructure and data. Another key responsibility is to mitigate cyber-attacks.

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