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CTU Career Advice - Personal BrandingWhy Personal Branding is Critical in the Digital Age

Research shows that it takes a fraction of a second for someone to form a first impression of you, and often that impression is accurate. When you settle on that bit of knowledge, it’s unnerving. What if the impression you’re leaving behind isn’t the one you intended?

CTU Health Sciences Degree - Cloud TechnologyIs Cloud Technology the “Next Big Thing” in Healthcare?

Hands down, cloud technology is changing the IT landscape whether we’re ready for it or not. The cloud offers businesses and their IT functions greater flexibility and at a more cost-effective rate, so we can expect this trend to become a mainstay, especially in health care related businesses.


CTU Homeland Security Degree - Big FiveNational Security’s Big Five

Recently, National Defense Magazine (NDM) published a report on the top five threats to national security. The threats – biological weapons, nuclear weapons, cyber attacks, climate change and transnational crime/terror – may not be surprising. The tools of the trade are available and, in some cases, relatively unsophisticated. The United States is neither immune to these threats nor so technologically superior that overcoming them can be guaranteed.


CTU Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Ingo BobelUnderstanding the Importance of Creating Shared Value

The CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series continues on February 14 with Dr. Ingo Böbel, a published author and scholar who has had a profound impact on industrial organization research. Dr. Böbel was recently ranked 46 by The Economist out of 250 nominations for the “BUSINESS PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR AWARD”. I recently had the opportunity to gain Dr. Böbel’s insight on Creating Shared Value (CSV) and its impact on the future of business.

CTU Business Degree - EthicsWhy Business Students Should Care About Ethics

In the early 2000s, the scandals at Enron, Arthur Anderson and WorldCom caused leading enterprises and places of higher learning to have more prominent discussions about business ethics. The late-2008 global economic meltdown added more names to the list of once reputable companies that have now become infamous: Washington Mutual and Lehman Brothers.


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