Tools You Shouldn't Miss Out On

The degree programs at Colorado Technical University are designed to give students the ability to complete their education while focusing on the demands of a busy life  . And when it’s time to start your career, CTU Career Services Department can provide you with the career search assistance and planning that could help you apply your education to the real world.

The resources you need
Building relationships are important, so you should be excited to know that graduating from CTU doesn’t end your relationship with the university; you can have a wide range of services at your disposal, as well as knowledgeable staff that may help you in your career search. The key is starting early—by creating a career roadmap before you graduate, you could increase your chances of getting the most out of your CTU experience.

From job search consultations to interactive interview preparedness webinars, CTU’s Career Services Department is equipped with resources designed that can guide you further into reaching your goals. Our resume writing services can help students and graduates learn the techniques that can make your cover letter and resume stand out. 

The expertise you want
CTU’s personalized career services are created with our students in mind, and our knowledgeable staff in the Career Planning and Exploration Department is trained to help you focus on maneuvering through your career. With resources like our Whole Brain Advantage and the Career Advantage Program, students are given the tools that may help them identify specific career paths, and discover new insights into various thinking styles. No matter what career path you choose, the Career Planning and Exploration Department could offer you resources you can use for a focused search.

The future you make 
After earning a degree and experiencing what an online education has to offer, it’s important that you set yourself up for success. Using each of these resources allows you to start your education at CTU with a goal in mind, work toward those goals with help from faculty, staff, classmates and your research, and help you pursue your career with confidence. With CTU’s skilled staff and 24/7 online resources, you can receive an experience that polishes your potential.

Colorado Technical University is committed to providing you with more than just a career-oriented education; we’re also committed to providing an opportunity to learn about  some of the challenges in the workplace. And that means offering support from start to finish, from your first class to your graduation.