Top Five Blog Posts of 2015

As we’re winding down the year, we wanted to take a look back at our blog and share some of our favorite posts. We hope you have had a great 2015 and that you’re excited to start 2016! From all of us at Colorado Technical University, Happy New Year!

1. Four Benefits of Online Learning You May Not Have Considered: Online learning is a way for busy, top-notch professionals to add to their credentials. While it can be a more convenient, cost-effective path toward a achieving a degree, there are other benefits of online learning you may not have considered. Benefits of online learning at CTU
2. Online Graduate Degrees: Back to School in Your 30s: Do you think online graduate degrees are only for those in their 20s? Think again. Colleges and universities are full of older students these days. Schools with online programs are seeing especially high numbers of students over age 30, who want to improve their resumes or change career paths. Maturity brings wisdom but also more responsibility. Going back to school in your 30s may mean juggling a job, classes and even a spouse and children. But that doesn't mean you can't do it! Here are some tips for finding the right program and making sure you succeed. Going back to school in your 30s
3. What to Know Before Starting a Doctoral Degree Program at CTU: You’ve set your sights on earning the highest academic achievement possible – a doctoral degree. In the 2014-15 school year, colleges and universities expect to award only 178,000 doctor’s degrees – including Ph.D., Ed.D. and doctoral degrees – compared to 1.8 million bachelor degrees1. By claiming this top educational honor, you’ll be in the company of those who the Bureau of Labor Statistics found enjoyed the lowest unemployment rate and higher median earning potential compared to those with just a master’s degree in 2013 less education2. Pursue a doctoral degree at CTU
4. Taking a Break from College: Five Steps to Help You Stay on Track: Taking a break from college is never an easy decision. But sometimes you find yourself in the position where that's the best action for the short term. Perhaps you've recently welcomed a child, experienced a long illness, found yourself as the primary caretaker for a sick family member, or your budget won't support continuing your education for a semester. Whatever the reason for taking a break from college, it might be the best option for you right now and taking these five steps can help you stay on track to completing your degree in the long term. Taking a break from college
5. Why Get a BSN? Here are 5 Reasons: Why get a BSN? Many RNs — who in the past learned in teaching hospitals rather than classrooms — have long debated the necessity of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After all, everyone's on the front lines — helping people, caring for people and healing people — no matter what the degree is that you have. CTU's Bachelor of Science in Nursing

2Source: Earnings and unemployment rates by educational attainment table – Bureau of Labor Statistics – retrieved 12/31/15