How to Keep Your Job Search Alive During the Holidays

Job search during the holidaysWhile the holidays are generally a time to give cheer and spend time with your family and friends, it may also be a great time to get ahead of other candidates in your job search. Try not to use the same approach as many other job seekers who are taking this time off. Instead, here are some things you can do to keep your search alive and breathing when others are letting the time go by:

Take advantage of less competition and more employer needs

With so many people dropping out of the job search game during the holidays, employers may find it more difficult to fulfill their staffing requirements. They may have a deadline to fulfill and you could be one of the few applicants they received. In this case, make sure to not be one of those many and stay on top of your search by reviewing job postings to find the right fit, keep your resume updated and tailored to specific positions, practice your interviewing skills, and increase your professional online presence on LinkedIn so that once the New Year comes, you will have hopefully already had interviews and be ready for their decision. Remember, fewer players equal an easier time to stand out in the crowd!

Use the holidays as a conversation piece

Here are some ideas for using the holidays as a way to strike up conversations in different ways, and potentially produce your next job lead:

  • Catch up with family, friends and acquaintances, maybe they know about an opening.
  • Attend holiday events and network.
  • Send holiday cards and include your business card when appropriate.
  • Discuss the holidays (and either your excitement or your anxiety over the upcoming flurry of holiday activities) with your recruiter or hiring manager. They likely can relate!

Search for openings within your company

When external candidates are applying to positions within your company, take time to see if there are any opportunities that meet your intended career path’s needs. There are many reasons that internal candidates are often preferred, which include already having a working interview with the employer, instilling confidence and trust in how you will perform in future roles. Whether this is a promotion or a lateral move, it could be a great next step for you. The professional first step would be to reach out to your direct manager and express your interest in the new opportunity, keep them in the loop and take their advice regarding your next steps.

Now that you have a better idea of how to continue on your job search during the holidays, the first step is to make sure your resume, cover letter, interview skills, and your LinkedIn profile are up-to-date and effectively showcasing the most relevant aspects of your background. Here are some additional tips to help you maximize your job search.

The Career Services Team at CTU wishes you a Happy Holiday!

CTU Career Services Staff Samantha UrsoSamantha Urso is a Senior Career Coach at Colorado Technical University with 10+ years of experience in higher education including career coaching and advising, along with management and customer service.