CTU Student Puts Work Experience to the Test and Earns Course Credit

CTU Student Tammy Sargent Earns Credit with Fast TrackTammy Sargent has been working for the same company for 26 years. She started as an electronic assembly operator and worked her way up to her current position of senior quality instructor, which she’s held for the last 18 years. Today, she spends most of her work days training new instructors.

Tammy also travels extensively, both nationally and internationally—she’s been to Brazil, Japan and Mexico. She’s even conducted online training with colleagues in Saudi Arabia from her office here in the U.S.

“The experiences and mentoring I’ve received in the last 26 years on the job have given me many of the tools that have made me successful in my career,” Tammy said.

However, after more than two decades with the same company, there were two things Tammy hadn’t accomplished—securing a management position and fulfilling her dream of earning a college degree.

Earning a College Degree

Tammy felt that moving into a management position at her company without a college degree was practically impossible. But finding an online bachelor’s degree program that met her personal, professional and educational needs wasn’t easy. “I took a variety of online classes, but was never happy with the ones I tried, so I was constantly searching for a better fit,” Tammy said.

An Online Search Leads To CTU

One day, her online search for a better learning experience led her to the Colorado Technical University website. She was intrigued with what she saw there, picked up her phone, and called CTU right away.

Tammy’s conversation with the CTU admissions advisor made her feel hopeful. “The advisor was so informative,” Tammy said.

“She took the time to explain how the CTU program I was interested in complemented my work experience, how it could easily fit into my busy life, and how I could get credit for what I already knew through a program called Fast Track™.

Earned Credits Move Tammy Forward

CTU realizes that people like Tammy have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through life and prior business experience. Fast Track™ exams are designed to test a student’s knowledge of key course objectives. By passing multiple Fast Track™ exams, students can save up to 30% in time and tuition.

Tammy earned college credit with Fast Track™ for two classes toward her degree, “I was honored to be given college credit for the knowledge I had gained through my prior work experience.”

Tammy Saves Time and Money

Tammy started online classes with CTU in 2010 and earned an Associate of Science in Business Administration, which she obtained in 2014. She is currently working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Human Resource Management.

“Getting credit through Fast Track™ saved me money, but it also saved me time,” Tammy said. “I’m in a position to earn my bachelor’s degree in 2016, which would not have been possible without using Fast Track™.” By earning her degree quicker, Tammy will be able to apply for new management opportunities at her company sooner and meet some of her professional goals faster than she anticipated.  

A Fantastic Experience

As she attended her CTU classes, Tammy said she felt her prior work and life experience was “acknowledged.” She said, “I found out that in addition to what I was learning in the classroom, I had a lot to add to the discussion.”

Tammy feels honored to be given credit for what she already knows and is proud that she has been “so successful as a CTU student.”

The ability to reduce time in school and/or reduce tuition depends on the number of Fast Track™ courses successfully passed. Fast Track™ program credits are unlikely to transfer. Not all programs are eligible for possible 30% reduction in time and money.