Scholarship Motivates Student to Continue Education

CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipient Robert Netherton

For many people, the decision to return to school can seem daunting.  There is a time commitment, financial considerations, and slew of other barriers to overcome.  For a great many, a lack of motivation and confidence may be a reason for putting higher education on the backburner.  But not for Robert Netherton, a 2014 Wounded Warrior Scholarship recipient, who said, “I had all but given up on getting a degree until CTU saw it fit to select me as one of the recipients. CTU had confidence in me and that motivated me.” 

Once Robert knew there was an institution that believed he could thrive, he wasn’t short of motivating factors.  “Earning a degree is something that I always wanted to accomplish more for my family than myself.”  Robert wanted to use formal education to help him advance in his career, but his inspiration went beyond his professional pursuits.  “I would also show my children that if you work hard enough you can accomplish things that previously seemed out of reach.”

CTU provided a natural fit for Robert to achieve these goals, offering Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  During his military service, Robert worked in law enforcement – a career path that he has continued in his transition to civilian life.

Robert explained what he found to be military friendly about CTU’s format.  “The ease of access is incredibly military friendly. Those that serve, as well as their families, are living in all corners of the globe. With the demands of the military it isn’t always practical to attend a ground school. By attending online you have the freedom to continue your education wherever you may find yourself.”

Just as there are barriers in getting started, most students invariably encounter obstacles throughout their program.  Robert has acknowledged that school can be challenging, but says that attending the live chats, communicating with instructors, and interacting with classmates are critical pieces of overcoming challenges and making school less stressful.  

At CTU, providing motivation and a solid support system for students is a top priority.  To meet the unique needs of those serving or who have served in the military, CTU provides various level of support for military students.  This can help minimize the burden of administrative tasks, provide motivation and advice, and provide options available to those with military ties.

As a recipient with an understanding for challenges incoming students might face, Robert has advice for the incoming Wounded Warrior recipients.  “Take advantage of all the time the CTU staff spends on getting you ready for your first set of classes; ask any questions you may have before your classes start. Plan a schedule before your start class that way you aren’t scrambling to find time during the week to accomplish your assignments.”  He believes that if students prepare and use the support system around them, they will be able to enjoy their educational experience – just as he has.

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