“Day of Surgical Giving” Provides Gift of Health to Dozens of Coloradans

By Vanessa Benavidez, M.A., Chair of Surgical Technology, Health Sciences
CTU Health Sciences Degree - Surgical Day of GivingFor dozens of uninsured Coloradans, Nov. 10, 2012 wasn’t like any other day. It was a day an entire community came together -- on their behalf. On that Saturday, Colorado Technical University (CTU)  partnered with the Pueblo Surgery Center, Health4Haiti, and International Surgical Missions (ISM) to perform free surgeries for uninsured residents as part of the 5th annual “Day of Surgical Giving” event. 
The outpatient surgeries, which ranged from hernia repairs to cyst removals, typically cost $4,000 to $7,000 per procedure but were given free of charge to patients who lack healthcare or medical coverage (including Medicaid).
This wasn’t only a memorable day for the patients: the Day of Surgical Giving provided an incredible learning tool for around 30 of CTU’s surgical tech and nursing students from throughout Colorado, who were able to put their education to use in the real world. CTU students had the opportunity to scrub into surgery and to help sterilize supplies and instrumentation, gowning and gloving doctors, and to help the surgeon with the procedure by handing them the instrumentation.
CTU Health Sciences Degree - Surgical Day of Giving - PuebloHere’s what a couple of our students had to say:
“It was an amazing experience and one I will always remember. You can learn in a classroom, but the real world is a different story. I really paid attention to the surgical technologists so I could see the way it is done. Thank you to everyone who was involved for giving us the opportunity to be a part of that wonderful day.”
-Gerri Adamson, Associate of Science in Surgical Technology student
“The Day of Surgical Giving was an exciting experience, as I was able to observe how the surgical team works together to maintain a sterile field and create the best outcome for the patient. Not only was the day inspirational, but it confirmed for me, as a student, that all the hard work in training to become a surgical tech is well worth it.”
-Katherine Leadbetter, Associate of Science in Surgical Technology student
Congratulations to all who participated in this amazing event. We’d like to wish all of the surgery patients a speedy recovery!

CTU Faculty - Vanessa BenavidezVanessa Benavidez, M.A., has been a professor and program chair of Health Sciences at Colorado Technical University’s Pueblo campus for five years.  She earned a Master’s Degree from Colorado Technical University. Vanessa brings a real world perspective with direct experience working in the operating room as a certified surgical technologist and surgical assistant.  Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn.

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Image credit: Colorado Technical University