Is Cloud Computing Right For Your Organization?

By CTU Faculty

Silver Bullet - CTU Computer Science DegreeSmart CIOs aren’t lemmings, leaping over cliffs and chasing bright shiny objects in search of the next Information Technology (IT) silver bullet. But in the case of cloud computing, many are diving in – head first.

This isn’t surprising. Large, well-known firms like Dell, Amazon, Verizon, and IBM as well as a number of start-ups and joint ventures are “in the cloud.” It makes sense. Cloud computing pushes the flexibility and agility of IT and its impact on the business, allowing organizations to respond quickly to demands using unlimited access to computing resources. The supposed business benefits include, time saved, lowered costs, better connectivity and improved productivity.

But is cloud computing the right solution for your organization?

Your organization may benefit from cloud computing if business demands fluctuate, causing a near-instant need for more IT capacity. Lack of IT expertise or the length of time it takes to access IT resources, are two additional reasons why cloud computing may be a benefit.

Understanding your cloud computing options

If you’re thinking about implementing cloud computing, it’s helpful to know the four core deployment models: private, public, hybrid or community. You can learn more about these models here, but I suggest discussing it with your vendors who are in a position to configure the models to fit the business. You’ll also want to be aware of the cloud computing service models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Again, having a conversation with your vendor is the best way to know the option that’s best for your organization’s needs.

Cloud computing definitely has its benefits, but CIOs need to go into it with their open eyes. Get a firm understanding of why cloud computing is different (or better) than the traditional outsourcing approach. Also consider the overall cost, which can be mired in recurring fees. Do not be blindsided.

Cloud computing is another step in the continuum of IT technologies, but is it for you?

Image credit: Flickr/eschipul