3 Free LinkedIn Tools That Give Your Profile More Value

By Chuks Agada, M.A., Adjunct Faculty

LinkedIn InMap maps - CTU Business and Management DegreeA couple of weeks ago, I shared three new LinkedIn profile features that you shouldn’t underestimate. While it’s important to leverage all new features as best as you can, it’s vital to continue utilizing the professional networking platform’s fundamental functions. They also have a huge impact on your overall digital presence. Here’s how three of LinkedIn’s free components can add more value to your job search. 

  • InMaps: This tool, which arrived in 2011, enables LinkedIn users to visualize their network. When you first sync up InMaps with your LinkedIn profile, the function will color-code and plot out your connections without labels in a key. It’s up to you to zoom into your InMap to decipher what the colors mean and identify the categories within that key. Does the blue cluster represent your colleagues from a previous position? Does orange showcase those you met throughout the course of your education? After assessing the data and updating your color key, you’ll be able to quickly evaluate how various individuals are connected in your network and determine which areas are effectively represented. If you find that certain components of your network are lagging, you should proactively seek out more connections in that area. As an added bonus, when you feel confident with your InMap and it’s labels, you can share it with your colleagues, friends, family and others.
  • Groups: LinkedIn offers more than one million groups within platform, giving you the ability to easily connect and interact with others who share your interests, whether or not you know them personally from the start. Don’t just become a member of areas that tie directly into your background, such as employer or university groups, like Colorado Technical University – Students, Alumni and Faculty. Instead, you should be more strategic in your approach, joining groups that are in line with your career path and goals, such as Linked:Career. This will give you greater exposure to people who are a part of the industries in which you want to excel.
  • Import resume: Since a strong online presence is vital for job seekers, you should take advantage of this function, especially if your profile is less than 100% complete. Doing so will save you time, preventing you from having to manually enter your work experience and skills. Some initial areas may already be filled in on your profile, but that shouldn’t prevent you from utilizing this tool; uploads won’t overwrite what’s already in your profile and you can review details before saving changes.

Try your hand at implementing one of these essential techniques on your LinkedIn profile, and let me know what you think. Also, stay tuned – in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing additional ways to get the most out of your digital identity on LinkedIn. 

CTU Faculty - Chuks AgadaChuks Agada, M.A., serves as an adjunct professor for Colorado Technical University where he teaches Human Resources courses. In addition to this, Chuks works as a Talent Solutions Consultant for LinkedIn Corporation where he educates clients on the value of LinkedIn Corporate Recruitment Solutions. His background is in staffing and recruitment, human resources, and talent acquisition strategies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Image credit: LinkedIn InMaps