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Adding Value to Your Relationships Requires a Little Give and Get

Best-selling author and founder of Altimeter Group Charlene Li shares her advice for adding value to your relationships to build a stronger network.

It’s Lonely at the Top and Other Challenges Entrepreneurial Leaders Face

Best-selling author and founder of Altimeter Group Charlene Li shares her advice for leading a new entrepreneurial venture, despite its challenges.

Is It Possible for Volunteerism to Improve Your Career?

From real-world experience to valuable networks, volunteers often find themselves with surprising advantages when it comes to landing a job.

Remove Obstacles to Leverage Your Professional Network

Professional networking can make a positive difference in your career success, but these two obstacles stop many from realizing that success.

4 Ways to Add Time to Your Day

You’ve likely heard someone say, or said yourself, “If I only had more hours in a day…” Some days, you might be surprised at where your time actually goes.

Life Happens: How to Cope

Life changes quickly, and sometimes, tragically. Though many challenges will come our way, what will be your motivation to finish your goals until you reach success?

How to Fail at Networking

Do you find making valuable connections when networking challenging? If so, you’re not alone; more people than not fail at intentional networking. Learn how you may have missed the basics of human relationship.

7 Ways to Bring Out Your Confidence

You’ve seen the person too afraid to raise their hand and ask a question in class; it may have been you. No one wants to be the only one behind in their understanding of what the instructor is teaching. So, fearful of being found out, many students suffer confusion in silence. But did you know that a lack of confidence and experiencing anxiety over your education can hold you back from experiencing greater academic progress? Having confidence isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for your academic success.

Why Writing Down Your Goals Leads to Success

Using the SMART goal theory is just the beginning of your successful path for completing nearly any task, project or goal. There are many tricks and tweaks that you can do to reach your goals. According to a study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews, you are nearly two times more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down.

Why Knowing Your Audience is Key for Effective Writing

In my 12 years as a writing instructor, I recognize the negative feelings people have toward writing. I see the anxiety students have at the thought of putting proverbial pen to paper. Some are even adamant that they’ll never need writing skills for their chosen profession. Yet it’s hard to dispute that we live in a time more dependent on writing than ever before. Ultimately, effective writing depends on how well you analyze and address your audience.

How to Find Your Passion in 2014

The best leaders are also great visionaries. Being a visionary is not just about having great dreams. It’s about having the passion to transform those dreams into reality.

It’s a New Year: Make Your Relationships Count

Like clockwork, when the New Year rolls around people everywhere resolve to make a fresh start. It makes sense. The slower pace of the holiday season that precedes the New Year is a perfect time for personal reflection. It’s during that time, your mind gravitates to the many things you wish you had done but never seemed to make time for.

How S.M.A.R.T. are your goals?

The word “smart” can be defined in many different ways. Such a seemingly simple word can mean anything from bright and quick-witted to the more negative connotation of being insolent. In the 1980s more meaning was added to this simple word when George Doran, Arthur Miller and James Cunningham used “smart” as an acronym to define a goal setting process to be used when managing people.

Social Media as Social Motivation: 3 Steps to Jumpstarting Any Goal

I achieved a tremendous milestone in October. In the four months prior, I lost 50 pounds. It was news that I couldn’t wait to share with my Facebook friends. As I began updating my status, an idea sparked. I’d been chronicling my weight loss journey online for months and it was just the motivation I needed to stick with my new healthy habits. Could I apply this same motivation to achieve other goals, like completing my doctoral dissertation?

Taking the Scare out of Writing: What Stephen King (and Other Fiction Writers) Can Teach Us about Writing Essays

The advice of fiction writers such as Stephen King and Robert A. Heinlein has helped me hone my craft. I learn from the purveyors of the craft who have come before me. Books such as On Writing have caused me to reflect upon the life experiences that make me the writer I am.