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General Education: Does it Really Matter?

General Education is more than classes that are officially Not Your Major. In fact, the skills you pick up during Gen. Ed. may just be what land you the right job.

Thinking Outside the Application: How Being Creative Can Land You the Job

Trying to navigate the jungle of the job market? Your creative compass just might be the key to success. Here’s how standing out could get you hired.

LinkedIn to the Rescue! How One Tool Can Lead You to Your Dream Job

LinkedIn is a great way to cultivate a professional network. But one tool in particular may just be instrumental in landing your dream job.

On-the-Job Training: How to Search for a Job as a Student

If you think being a full-time employee precludes going to school, think again. Balancing both may be a selling point to potential employers.

Don't Quit! How to Overcome a Bad Working Relationship with Your Boss

Movies and books may glorify the horrible boss, but it’s a lot more rewarding – and beneficial for your career – to learn how to work together.

Are You Marketing Your Experience Correctly?

When it comes to changing career tracks, find the skills the two fields have in common.

Just Say No: Why Good Leaders Don’t Do It All

The best leaders aren’t the ones who burn the candle at both ends but who know how to delegate. Learn how to say no and become a better leader because of it.

The Journey: Navigating the Road to Graduation

Newly minted CTU graduate, Tina Mischlich, addressed the graduates and attendees of the 2013 Kansas City graduation event, and shared an inspiring poem about the journey.

Running Offers Invaluable Lessons for Job Seekers

From rigorous practice to developing endurance, job searches and running have more in common than you might think. Here’s how to make it to the finish line.

Fighting Chance: How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Pack a Punch and Get You Noticed

If first impressions are as important as everyone says, then job seekers need to craft competitive cover letters. Here’s how to write one like you mean it.

CTU Alumnus and Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace on the Pursuit of Dreams

Olympian and CTU alumnus Noelle Pikus-Pace talks about life, education and the pursuit of dreams. Learn how she manages a busy lifestyle and achieves success.

What Drives Your Motivation?

Best-selling author and founder of Altimeter Group, Charlene Li, shares quick tips for staying motivated and inspired.

Beam (or Teleport) Yourself to Career Success with Captain Kirk

Who says TV and movies can’t be educational? Follow Captain Kirk’s lead and your life can become its own “Enterprise” as it soars toward a bright future.

D.M. or Ph.D.? Succeeding Beyond The Choice

Choosing the best degree program to pursue is a tough choice, but it’s the actions you take after you earn the degree that truly makes you successful.

There’s No Shame in Failing

Best-selling author and founder of Altimeter Group Charlene Li shares her advice for achieving success by standing out and not being afraid to fail in the process.