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Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

Get tips on how to get ready to go back to college including setting goals, time management and networking.

10 Tips to Make a Good First Impression

10 ways to make a good first impression at a networking event, conference, or other professional gathering.

5 Tips to Balance School and Work

Going to school while working full-time is no easy task, but you can do it with proper planning, flexibility and a whole lot of time management.

Tips on how to start college online successfully

Starting classes at an online college can be a challenging yet enriching experience. Learn what you'll need to do to be successful.

How to Complete the FAFSA

Financial aid can be a vital yet complicated part of higher education. You’ll want to identify the basics of the FAFSA to maximize the available financial resources.

Time Management Techniques to Help You Study Over the Holidays

Many students struggle with how to manage time studying during the busy holiday season. Find out how to focus and stay balanced with these unique tips.

Tips on How to Pay for Your Education at CTU

Think a college degree is out of your reach? It might not be! Learn more about how to pay for your education at Colorado Technical University.

Study Tips For College: 5 Things That Make a Difference

Starting college is a daunting task, but you can start school on the right track with these five study tips.

Buckle Up, Stay In Your Lane and Stop Swerving!

In order to strive and thrive on the journey, students must have their seat belts securely fastened and be ready to begin their Doctorate of Management Program at CTU.

Five Takeaways from Dr. Bertice Berry’s Words for Graduates

Sociologist, researcher, and author Dr. Bertice Berry delivered a commencement address to more than 1,000 CTU graduates in person and online.

12 Habits of Highly Successful CTU Students

Many online students follow a non-linear path to college. Cultivating strong habits can help these students make a successful transition to online school at CTU.

Laughing Matter: Why Humor Makes a Brilliant Teacher

Once among the most popular professors at her university, Dr. Bertice Berry stood out for her sense of humor. Here’s why she always goes for the laugh.

Undefeated: Why Cynthia Jackson Never Gave up on Her Degree

Despite health problems, domestic turmoil and spending seven years pursuing her bachelor’s degree at CTU, Cynthia Jackson lives by the notion that success means never giving up.

Doubt: When Do You Know You Can Successfully Pursue That Advanced Degree?

Heather Thompson didn’t know if she had what it took to earn her doctorate. Despite single parenthood and personal tragedy, she succeeded. And so, she says, can you.

The Caveman’s Guide to Starting Your Career

Humans, it seems, are not so far evolved from cavemen when it comes to landing a job. From fitting in to displaying your advantages, here’s how to find your tribe.