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Stay on Track by Eliminating Digital Clutter

You may not think of it this way, but your computer desktop is a lot like a top of an actual desk. You start off with your essentials, the things you really need to get work done on your computer. Then stuff starts piling up, both good and bad: unread emails, to-do lists, games, social media, and more. These items are the “digital clutter” in your life.

Seven Tips for Transition: How to Make the Jump From Work to School

Going back to school after starting a career can be challenging as you readjust to academic life. Here are seven tips to make the transition smoother.

Shopping & Schoolwork: Survival Guide for Black Friday

We’ve prepared a guide to help you survive Black Friday while keeping your schoolwork in mind.

Surviving Thanksgiving: Don’t Let Studies Slip on Turkey Day!

In this blog, we’ll provide some awesome tips designed to help you balance Thanksgiving fun and your studies.

Worth a Thousand Words: Clarity through Image-Based Language

Image-based language can have significant benefits for anyone attempting to accomplish goals professionally or educationally.

Student Tips for Using CTU Mobile

We've compiled a list of tips for using CTU Mobile, an educational mobile app available on handsets and tablets for iOS and Android users designed specifically for students at Colorado Technical University.

Overcoming Perfection & Making Progress

People often speak of “perfection” as a goal, which seems admirable. But can perfection actually be a hindrance? Yes, when it comes to making progress in the personal and professional spheres; perfection is all-too-frequently used as an excuse to be complacent.

5 Study Tips for Military Students

These 5 study tips for military students can help make the military-to-college transition smoother and less stressful.

5 Reasons to Download the All-New CTU Mobile App

CTU Mobile can completely transform your online learning experience by helping you fit education into your life. Here are 5 reasons to download the iOS or Android app for smartphones and tablets and start using it today.

What is an RN to BSN program?

A look at the reasons and requirements for attending an RN to BSN program, as well as portrait of the job outlook in the field.

Upgrading Your Nursing Education: Explore BSN and MSN Degrees

An overview of the BSN and MSN programs at Colorado Technical University, as well as a look at job prospects for Registered Nurses who earn degrees.

How to Balance Your Nursing Career and School: 7 Time Management Tips

Learn how to balance your nursing career and school with these 7 essential study tips and time management strategies for nurses and nursing students.

CCME Scholarships For Military Students

If you are a current or former military member or the spouse of a current service member, you may be eligible for a CCME Scholarship.

How to Relieve Stress at Work: 7 Tips

So how do you deal with stress at work? The American Psychological Association offers these tips on how to reduce stress at work and alleviate the related issues.

Here are some tips for how to have a conversation with your family about your decision to pursue your educational goals.