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Online Learning Success Strategies: Part 1

The term “non-traditional student” once referred to students taking online courses. Today, though, the online platform is becoming the new tradition, thanks to factors like convenience, cost, and easy access.

Defying The Odds

It’s quite an understatement to say Michael Phelps is an accomplished athlete and someone Americans look up to as a success story. However, his road to success was not without bumps.

Why a 3.3 GPA Could Serve You Best in the Real World

Stop for a moment and consider GPA from the perspective of a potential employer: How important is it that a candidate boasts a 4.0? Conventional wisdom would tell you the higher the GPA, the better – but is this really true?

Make Volunteering Work for You

Potential employers often view your volunteer experience as a measure of your real-world business skills. And why not? When you are in a volunteer post that uses your passions, skill-set and ambitions, you have a chance to prove what you can do—often years earlier than you could in a typical position.