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Today’s MBA Degree: In Demand and Within Your Reach

Today’s MBA Degree: In Demand and Within Your Reach
The MBA degree was once an exclusive and elusive goal for busy...

Meetings that Changed the World

Take a journey through some of the most important meetings in the history of business and industry to see how simple interactions can lead to great discoveries. Then learn how you can make every meeting count.

The Most Popular Career Paths: 1970-Now

When it comes to popularity of degrees, Business ranked No. 1 among students, with nearly 350,000 earning their diplomas in that field in 2009.

Education Funding Infographic

For students preparing for college, finding funds for tuition is a big challenge. But there’s a wide selection of scholarships offered by a variety of organizations. Why not take advantage of available opportunities and discover new ways to save money on college tuition? Click here to learn more.

Why Accreditation of Online Colleges Matters

Accreditation is an important process for colleges and universities. Schools go through an intense review process to ensure students are held to the highest standards. Click here to learn more.

Top Computer Programming Languages and How They Affect an IT Education

If you’re interested in an IT degree and career, coding can be pretty intimidating. From understanding common programming languages to deciphering programming from developing, learning to code is necessary in today’s IT industry. The ability to implement a variety of programming languages can help you decide which coding career path is correct for you. Click here to learn more.

Scholarships for Wounded Veterans and Spouses

As more U.S. troops return home, making a successful transition from military to civilian life is more important than ever. CTU is committed to supporting military members, veterans and their families by offering quality college degrees that are flexible and accessible. Learn more about CTU's support for the military.

Modern Ways to Job Search

If you’re thinking about being competitive, make sure you’re in tune with what’s happening to the employment landscape.

Television Crime Dramas - Fact and Fiction

The recent interest in crime scene investigation related career fields could indeed be due to the overall popularity of televised crime dramas or it could be due to the assumption that criminal behavior will continue to rise. Click here to learn more.

A Tale of Two Worlds: Old School, New School

When was the last time you put your hands on a tape recorder? How about a slide projector or an overhead projector?

Myers-Briggs and Job Satisfaction

For about 50 years, people have been using the Myers-Briggs Personality Test to help them figure out their career paths. The Myer Briggs psychological assessment involves a list of questions that help you determine your personality type.

Diversity in Programming: Code Camps Provide Collaborative Learning Opportunities in Computer Programming Languages

Learning new programming languages is one of the most important skills that any computer science or Information Technology student has to master. For many students, studying solely via textbook is challenging and time consuming. Studying through textbooks alone is also typically inadequate at teaching the complicated scientific concepts used in computer programming. A collaborative teaching environment called Code Camp may be one of the most effective methods for learning innovative new computer programming concepts.

Education Myth Busting Infographic – CTU

As educators continue to learn the best practices for sharing knowledge with the youth of today, there has always been room for change and growth. While once it was thought that individuals had special learning styles that teachers should learn to cater to, it is now common knowledge that humans have general learning abilities across the board.

Security in Diversity: Cooperating with Diverse Populations in Homeland Security

As in many other facets of American life, professionals working in the homeland security field must be greatly aware of cultural, ethnic, religious and other types of diversity. Homeland security comprises a range of fields including law enforcement, emergency services, public health, transportation and border security, critical infrastructure protection and more. Consequently, there are countless examples of the need for both understanding and cooperating with diverse populations in the execution of homeland security policies.

The Dilemma of Ethics and Cultural Diversity

Ethics and diversity are two major dynamics that influence the environment of modern organizations. Diversity is present when there is a mixture of differences in age, religion, culture, gender, ethnicity, education and more amongst a group of people within the same environment.