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CTU Presents: David Pogue, Founder of Yahoo Tech

CTU Presents: David Pogue, Founder of Yahoo Tech on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 5:45PM (MDT) in person at the Inverness Hotel in Englewood, CO, or by live webstream.

New York Times Best-Selling Author David Pogue to Present at CTU

New York Times Best-Selling Author David Pogue to Present at Colorado Technical University at 8pm on Thursday, October 16th in Englewood, Colorado. Attend in person or via live webinar.

Insights from David Pogue, Technology Expert

David Pogue, best-selling author, technology expert and upcoming CTU Presents speaker, talks about careers in technology today and what the future holds.

Keith Ferrazzi on Building Collaborative Relationships

Keith Ferrazzi knows relationships. The experienced networker and best-selling author shared his tips in a June CTU Presents event over graduation weekend, instilling his wisdom in new graduates.

CTU Presents Best-Selling Author Keith Ferrazzi

Join us June 20 at 8pm MT for a live event with best-selling author Keith Ferrazzi. Ferrazzi is an authority on how to build powerful, lasting professional relationships.

Playing to Win: Jane McGonigal on Why Games Can Change Lives

If you think computer games are only for the lonely and teenaged, think again. According to Jane McGonigal, they have the power to change the world for the better.

What Healthcare Terminology Teaches Us About Workplace Success

Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna, shares some of the standard buzzwords used in the healthcare industry.

Jane McGonigal on How Games are Changing the World

The term ‘gamer’ can carry a stigma, leaving some to assume that players are idle or lazy. Think again. Games could be the key to changing our lives and inspiring hope for individuals.

Cigna CLO Karen Kocher on the Future of the Workplace

With chronic talent shortages and a youthful workforce embracing new ideas about how to work, tomorrow’s leaders have to understand the landscape to thrive in it.

A Rose by any Other Name…Would Negatively Impact Business?

Businesses face plenty of challenges, but the greatest one just might be the company jargon. Speaking the same language, it turns out, is harder than it seems.

CTU Presents Bestselling Author and TED Speaker, Jane McGonigal

Join us for a live YouTube webcast with gaming expert and author Jane McGonigal on April 17th at 5pm MST.  Jane will discuss how games can make us better – and change the world.

Skills to Lead Are Skills to Succeed

Like businesses, good leaders evolve with the times. Do you know how to flip dilemmas and hone your maker instinct? Here’s what you need to know for the future.

CTU Speaker Series Offers Students and Alumni Insights from Nationally-Recognized Industry Experts

Jane McGonigal and Keith Ferrazzi join the 2014 CTU Presents Lecture Series

Could a Dream Career be Just a Stone’s Throw Away?

Former NYC video producer, Nora Pugliese, knows how hard it is to make the leap to a new career path, but she also knows its rewards.

Is Africa the New Asia? Rosa Whitaker on How U.S. Businesses Can Win Big

Rosa Whitaker is a recognized authority on Africa trade and offers four ways current government policies can help U.S. businesses win big in Africa. Attend Whitaker’s lecture on October 24th.