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Homeland Security and Higher Education at CTU

The nation’s increased focus on protecting the well-being of Americans and our country in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has created a stronger national focus on homeland security.

The Arab Spring and Homeland Security

The recent sectarian violence in Egypt between Muslims and Coptic Christians as well as the ongoing instability in Syria and Yemen underscore a trend with possible homeland security implications for the United States.

High Quality Graduates: A Survey of Colorado Technical University's Success

CTU graduates are making valuable contributions to their employers.

Achieving Success in the Scary Subjects

It takes courage to enroll in a degree program knowing that you'll have to take a class in which you have no prior knowledge.

Tips to Get Through the Worst Session Ever

What can you do in the midst of a tough term?

Embracing Change

Change is something that is a part of all our lives. Change can happen quickly and it is very important to be able to adapt.

Parents New to "Studenting" at CTU

The qualities that make you a great parent can help make you a Super Student!

The CTU Library: A Great Resource for Knowledge

Knowledge is power! This is especially true in a university.

Attention New Online CTU Students!

Introducing CTU's Student Mentorship Program for Online Students.