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The Profound Lesson Cows Can Teach Us About Leading People

Leaders who recognize their employees as people and understand their need for purpose, growth, appreciation and kindness are most likely to see their business thrive.

Adding More Relevancy and Credibility to BSBA for HR Professionals

CTU’s BS Business Administration degree in Human Resources Management now offers students even more relevancy and credibility with its recent alignment with SHRM’s guidelines.

Finding Your Career Yoda

How do you figure out the career path to success? Find someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ to help you on your journey of mastering in your field.

CTU Students Win Top Honors at National Security Competition

CTU students, Kelly Hughes and Scott Melton, received first place honors for their work on preventing malware on mobile devices, a technology they intend to patent.

Why Mentorship Makes You Win

Mentorship is a win-win relationship and the ultimate in paying it forward. It gives both the mentor and mentee opportunity to give and gain while giving.

How Developing Self-Awareness Will Make You A Fabulous Leader

Developing a deeper knowledge of self-awareness is key to leadership growth. Self-discovery improves communication and understanding between different personalities.

Financial Assistance for Service Members and Veterans

Are you a veteran or service member seeking financial assistance for your education? Read on for financial and other resources that may be available to you.

From Degree to Greater Credentials

You’ve got a degree and have wondered whether adding a certificate to your credentials will advance your career. Read on to see why a certificate can give you greater professional standing.

Arel Moodie’s Tips on Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and best-selling author Arel Moodie shares his insights on what it takes to succeed and thrive as a business owner.

Webinar – How to Make the Most Out of Externships

This webinar discussed helping students gain practical experience through experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom. Listen for more on best practices.

Devils, Dervishes and Assassins in Afghanistan

The U.S. is letting in threats, giving unescorted access to attackers. Convenience and inertia - two co-conspirators enabling adversaries to exploit our vulnerabilities - may be why.

Personalized Learning: A New Approach to Diverse Learning Needs

In our diverse world, students from numerous backgrounds have varying needs. There’s exciting opportunity in the personalized learning model, where students learn uniquely and individually.

Digital Training for Career Buoyancy

Today, graduates change both jobs and industries several times during their lifetimes. Technology advances quickly change job descriptions. Maintain career buoyancy by digitizing your skills.

CTU’s LinkedIn Program Offers Exciting Opportunities for Alumni

Colorado Technical University is offering graduates a complimentary subscription to Premium Access on LinkedIn, and specifically, the Job Seeker Premium Account. You’ll find this will help you springboard career searches and networking abilities to new heights, providing you with more opportunities for career buoyancy.

Top 3 Challenges for Potential FBI Agents

Tell your friends and family that you want to be an FBI agent, and they’ll remind you of a few things you’ve probably heard before: that it’s extremely tough to get into, the FBI will do an incredibly thorough background check on you going all the way back to grade school, and that they’re looking for people who fit ‘the’ profile. Let’s shed a little insight.