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When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Data be Safe?

Natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, are grim reminders that we are all vulnerable to unexpected catastrophes brought on by nature or by mankind. Weeks, months, and potentially years later, we experience devastating after-effects that disrupt our lives and our businesses. Yet, much can be done to mitigate the effects of disasters on your business, and it starts with a proactive disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

Is a Health Care Crisis on the Horizon?

If there was any doubt, the re-election of President Barack Obama on November 6, 2012, made it clear, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay. Full implementation of the law is required by 2014, allowing patients, physicians, employers, and other stakeholders two more years to prepare for the impending changes in health care in the United States.

The Ripple Effects of Pandemics on Modern Society

Human history records a number of significant pandemics, from influenza to tuberculosis. From this, most people associate pandemics with death, but few understand the severe impact pandemics have on society as a whole. The following three cases explore the potentially devastating nature of pandemics, both in terms of the loss of life and economic impact.

Life Lessons from Chuck E. Cheese founder Dr. Gene Landrum: Why Hearing “No” Shouldn’t Stop You from Achieving Your Business Goals

Last week, renowned entrepreneur and Chuck E. Cheese founder, Dr. Gene Landrum, joined CTU for a free, open-to-the-public guest lecture. During the hour-long event, which was part of the CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series, Dr. Landrum shared dozens of stories from his past and answered a variety of questions from the pool of attendees.

As Communities Recover from Disaster, Law Enforcement Plays Critical Role

The role of law enforcement has never solely been about enforcing the laws. The phrase “Serve and Protect” goes beyond catching bad guys. America’s history has shown us that the responsibilities of first responders during a disaster, whether natural or manmade, are critical to a community’s effective recovery.

Is a Pandemic a Risk to Homeland Security?

CTU’s Global Security Series offers background on current national and homeland security topics. In this new series, University Dean of Security Studies, Dr. Morag, will focus on an often unaddressed area of homeland security: public health. Today he begins by taking a deeper look at pandemics, the threats that they pose and how they are discovered and tracked.

Holding Academic Leadership Accountable

Academic accountability is a hot topic in higher education today. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the ACE (American Council on Education) Chief Academic Officer workshop in St. Louis, Mo. and the Higher Learning Commission’s training for peer evaluators in St. Charles, Ill.

From Special Forces to the Contemporary Classroom, CTU Keeps Soldiers on Their Toes

“I just didn’t feel like I fit in, I just didn’t like it much,” he said, in regard to his learning stint at a branch of a large public university. After four years in the military, he felt he had gained the equivalent of eight years of maturity. It turns out, when one is working in psychological operations under the U.S. Army Special Forces unit in Iraq, as Staff Sgt. Perez had done, one matures pretty quickly.

Announcing the CTU 2013 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Program Recipients

As Americans honor those who serve our country this Veterans Day, at Colorado Technical University, we’re recognizing the sacrifices of 25 wounded active duty and veteran service members and 25 spouses of wounded service members with the gift of education.

When Disaster Strikes, Who’s in Charge?

We live in a country that, both by virtue of its size and its geographic location, is subject to a variety of natural disasters including earthquakes, brush fires, tornadoes, mudslides, flooding, ice storms, blizzards, tsunamis and, of course, hurricanes. Not surprisingly, a big and important part of the Homeland Security mission has to do with preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters.

Is Your Health Care Organization Prepared for a Disaster?

Preparing for disasters, natural and other, require that health care organizations document and practice the steps they will take. The most important piece of disaster preparedness is making sure the patients are properly taken care of including their diagnosis, treatment, and follow up.

Serving Those Who Serve

We in the United States enjoy a freedom and prosperity that is uncommon in the world today. We owe gratitude to the men and women in uniform, past and present, who have secured our liberty and way of life.

OpEd: Furthering Democracy one ‘LIKE’ at a Time

Democracy is a decision-making system that allows citizens an equal say to select their preferred leader. This selection is based upon the individual knowledge gained and the unique values that each voter applies in their own lives. It is a unified statement of freedom in America. It is a human statement. It is a voice. In this election season, technology has drastically evolved how this statement is created by offering more open access to knowledge and various mediums of expression.

Politics, Hurricanes and FEMA

In the dark alleys of presidential politics, there have been whispered (really, shouted) rumors that one of the candidates would eliminate the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA – in order to reduce the deficit.

15 Indicators of a Military Friendly School

A Military friendly school is defined by the choices or actions it makes to support military, veteran or spouse students. These actions become an important indicator of what you should expect from the school as a service-member or veteran.