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How To Prepare for a Skype Interview

With the advancement of technology, many employers are turning to Skype to interview candidates from a distance.

How to build a support system while working and in school

So now you’ve committed to completing a post-secondary online education. But as with everything in life, chances are you can’t go it totally alone. You need support to aid in your success.

Homeland Security and Higher Education at CTU

The nation’s increased focus on protecting the well-being of Americans and our country in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has created a stronger national focus on homeland security.

Reasons To Enroll While You’re Enlisted

If you’re an active duty servicemember who’s been thinking of pursuing a college degree, why wait?

Ongoing Education: The Hidden Benefit of Military Service

Patriotism, honor, dedication. All valid reasons for enlisting, but what about education?

Choosing a Military-Centric School

Going back to school while you or your spouse are serving, or as a veteran, is a big decision. Before you decide which school to attend, do a little research. Look for military-friendly universities. Some colleges may offer specific grants or scholarships to the military community, or have military-centric policies in place.

CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application: Tips for Writing Your Essay

Writing an essay for an application can be daunting – especially if the essay is about a personal experience or event. These are tips to help you get started and feel confident as your write.

CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application Checklist

We are excited you’ve decided to apply for the 2016 CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship – here is a checklist and explanation of each section of the application.

CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application: Tips for the Short Answer Section

Here are some tips to help you as your write answers to the short answer questions in the Getting to Know You section of the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship application.

CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application: Required Documents

As part of the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship application, we ask for proof of injury. The documents are solely used as proof of your eligibility for the scholarship.