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How to Stay on Top in the IT Industry

Information technology (IT) is a growing industry. To stay on top of industry trends, you’ll need to proactively act on opportunities.

Important Skills for an IT Career

Information technology may be a hot career field, but landing an IT position can be tough unless you have these critical skills.

Big Data Is a Big Deal!

Who knew the love affair between numbers and analysis could affect our daily lives so profoundly? Here’s the scoop behind Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

Are IT Industry Salaries Competitive? 9 IT Roles and Their Salaries

Interested in launching a career in IT? Learn more about 9 IT roles and their salaries before you make the leap.

Even in this Economy: IT Jobs Met with Shortage of Skilled Workers

IT is considered a “hot” industry, yet many employers are struggling to find skilled workers in the field. How will you make yourself known?

The Beauty of Technology: How Classrooms are Harnessing the Power of Emerging Media

The media revolution involves more than Facebook. Here’s how technology tools are breaking into classrooms and revitalizing the educational experience.

The Evolution of the CIO: How “Information” is Becoming “Innovation” in IT

Once the gatekeepers of IT security, today’s CIOs have to be creative, comprehensive and IT savvy to take their companies to the next level.

Companies Need Skilled IT Professionals – and are Upping the Ante to Attract Them

Some industries are recovering from the recession more quickly than others, and the information technology industry is one of them.

Information Technology Career Guide

Information technology (IT) drives everything we do in business and society. IT has created a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year working environment.

Safe to Move About the Office: Mobile Security in the Workplace

IT professionals work to keep business information safe on mobile devices. Do you know the security techniques to protect your technology?

The Hacker - Tales of a Modern Superhero

Hackers are generally thought of as devious criminals who crack into top-secret government files, or spread nasty computer viruses. The devious reputation of hackers is somewhat deserved – breaking into computer networks is illegal, after all. But there’s another type of hacker with a good reputation for doing this exact thing, albeit for less self-serving purposes.

Will you have Access to the Fastest Internet on the Planet?

One of Google’s latest and most ambitious projects is Google Fiber, a new Internet and cable TV service that may revolutionize how we access and pay for high-speed Internet connectivity.

Self-Taught vs. Degreed Programmer: Which is Better?

As a self-taught programmer, you already know how to write code and design applications. So why get a computer science degree on top of that? There are two reasons. One, getting a degree can make you an even better programmer. Two, it can give you a competitive edge in the industry.

Diversity in Programming: Code Camps Provide Collaborative Learning Opportunities in Computer Programming Languages

Learning new programming languages is one of the most important skills that any computer science or Information Technology student has to master. For many students, studying solely via textbook is challenging and time consuming. Studying through textbooks alone is also typically inadequate at teaching the complicated scientific concepts used in computer programming. A collaborative teaching environment called Code Camp may be one of the most effective methods for learning innovative new computer programming concepts.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a smartphone product that you wear on your head as you would a pair of glasses. Just as you’ve seen in futuristic movies, a display shows your view of information and images. It has a video camera that you command by voice to record what you see, take a snapshot or both. You can stream the video you take or share photos in near real-time. With built-in wireless and GPS, you can display onscreen everything you would expect to access on your mobile computer. An army of developers has already created the Explorer Edition and is now busy making apps specifically for Glass.