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Global Security Series: Syria, a Country of Multiple Identities

In Dr. Morag’s second post covering Syria, he provides a brief overview of the country’s political history – from the creation of the French Mandate of Syria in 1920, through independence in 1946, to present day.

Egypt’s Presidential Elections: Implications for the Region and the U.S.

The recent Egyptian presidential elections have led to the victory of the country’s first Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate, Muhammad Mursi. Despite the media’s efforts to trumpet the “profound change” in Egypt, it is far from clear what the election of Mursi really means for Egypt and the rest of the world.

Flame and the (Fairly) New World of Cyber Warfare

The recent press coverage of the “Flame” computer virus, which computer security experts have purportedly been aware of since 2010, underscores changes that have been occurring in intelligence-gathering and warfare.

CTU Southern Colorado Students Participate in the 2012 National Security Innovation Competition

On Friday, April 27 two CTU Southern Colorado students participated in the 2012 National Security Innovation Competition in Colorado Springs, put on by the National Homeland Defense Foundation.


Colorado Technical University was pleased to sponsor and participate in the Western Cyber Exchange (WCX) Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO.

CTU Honored As Gold Sponsor at the NHDF Conference

This year as in years past, CTU was honored to be a gold sponsor for the annual National Homeland Defense Foundation (NHDF) symposium.

Homeland Security and Higher Education at CTU

The nation’s increased focus on protecting the well-being of Americans and our country in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has created a stronger national focus on homeland security.