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4 Hot Insights from IT Leaders

On March 29, 2013, IT executives from industry-leading companies in the Colorado Springs area descended onto the CTU campus to share insights and answer inquiries from the CTU crowd. Nearly 100 inquisitive alumni, faculty and staff minds in the room gleaned some key takeaways from what they had to share.

National Police Week

Tales of heroism and tragedy police officers face reach all of us. Nat’l Police Week begins May 12, 2013. Visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and tell an officer, ‘Thank you.’

See it to Achieve it - Visualize Career Success

We all travel diverse pathways to career success. Some of us strive to climb the corporate ladder within an organization; others blaze new paths and become entrepreneurs. Whatever your course, one thing remains constant in obtaining career success: setting goals.

The Hacker - Tales of a Modern Superhero

Hackers are generally thought of as devious criminals who crack into top-secret government files, or spread nasty computer viruses. The devious reputation of hackers is somewhat deserved – breaking into computer networks is illegal, after all. But there’s another type of hacker with a good reputation for doing this exact thing, albeit for less self-serving purposes.

5 Ways to Leverage Your MBA to Achieve Your Goals

Your friends and family anticipate, along with you, the moment you walk across the stage and hear your name called to receive your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. You’re excited about your future, or perhaps a little anxious, and certainly relieved that your hard work has been rewarded. What comes next?

Who’s in Your Network?

“I just reached 500 connections on LinkedIn.” “That person must be somebody – she’s got 3,500 Facebook friends.” You may have had these thoughts as you looked at someone’s online profile connections, or saw your own connection numbers ranking higher. Most people form an opinion about the strength of someone’s social network based on the numbers they see. However, when evaluating a social network, it’s more important to consider the nature of the connections rather than the numbers.

Making College Accessible to Students with Disabilities

The most recent government figures show that 11% of all undergraduate students in the U.S., amounting to more than 2 million students, have a disability. The majority have learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and about a quarter of students have physical, hearing or vision impairments. A significant portion of this population also includes veterans who have returned to school in higher numbers thanks to the GI Bill, Wounded Warrior project and other initiatives aimed at assisting veterans.

How We’re Solving Real-World Problems

When you think of one of the most valuable skills an employee can have, problem-solving should come to mind. Much of what we do in the workplace on a daily basis involves scenarios we encounter that provide the opportunity to solve problems. It stands to reason, then, that education in learning how to solve problems is key to success in the workplace.

How to Master the Art of an Online Open House

Like business networking, attending an online open house can connect you with others and open doors to success. Here’s how to master the art of attending an open house so you get a great start to learning.