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How To Prepare for a Skype Interview

With the advancement of technology, many employers are turning to Skype to interview candidates from a distance.

Finishing the Term Strong

When starting a school session, finishing it seems like nothing more than a technicality. After all, why would you go through the process of signing up and attending classes if you didn’t have every intention of seeing it through to completion?

Saving Lives One Pint at a Time

Eight out of ten Americans will need blood or blood products in their lifetime, according to the Community Blood Bank in Sioux Falls.

Activate Positive Thinking

When looking into your future, it can be easy to get discouraged by the hurdles in front of you. However, taking a negative outlook has a way of bringing you down. Doing just the opposite, which is sometimes a bit harder, can make hurdles easier to conquer and your goals much easier to achieve.

Do Job Listings Favor Those Already Employed?

Many job listings of all types can be said to favor those already employed. This is because almost all career openings are seeking common, proven backgrounds and skills usually held by individuals who are currently employed.

20 Questions: The Informational Interview

An informational interview can be a great way to gain insight about a specific career field. You can find practical information about your future career and understand what training and experience might be useful.

How to build a support system while working and in school

So now you’ve committed to completing a post-secondary online education. But as with everything in life, chances are you can’t go it totally alone. You need support to aid in your success.

The IT How To: Choosing an IT Specialization

If you’ve already decided on an IT degree, the next decision you need to make is which specialization makes the most sense for you and your skills.

Tools You Shouldn't Miss Out On

The degree programs at Colorado Technical University are designed to give students the ability to complete their education while focusing on the demands of a busy life. And when it’s time to start your career, the CTU Career Services Department can provide you with the career search assistance and planning that could help you apply your education to the real world.

Selling Your Skills

You probably already know that there’s plenty of homework involved in getting a job or advancing in your career. One of the keys to unlocking those doors between you and your next career move is knowing what skills employers may be looking for. Fortunately, finding out what these skills are isn’t too difficult as most employers list what those skills are for anyone to see.

CTU gets connected to students and alumni

Connect to other students and alumni on CTU's social media platforms.

6 Basic Personal Financial Management Tips

Whether you are just starting your adult life after high school or are returning to school after starting a career and a family, personal financial management is important in ensuring you complete your degree.

A Career Search Mindset

CTU’s personalized career services are created with you in mind! Our knowledgeable Career Consultants are trained to help you understand the current job market, set realistic career goals, and focus your efforts efficiently and effectively.