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What Are Online Courses Like? 4 Advantages of Online Classes

What are online courses like and what can students expect when trying out web-based alternatives compared to traditional classroom-based learning? Below we break down some of the advantages of online classes, as well as how students' experiences may differ from courses attended on a traditional campus.

Intellipath: Be the Boss of Your Learning Experience

At CTU, we know that every student learns differently. With Intellipath™, an adaptive learning technology that aligns course material to your knowledge level, your activity is assessed as you proceed through the course material and you’re served a personalized learning experience along the way.1

A Passion for Healthcare Drives Single Mom Back to School

In November 2014, Myia began taking courses to earn an Associate of Science in Health Administration Services degree at CTU. Her plan is to transition from her current job as a bus driver to an administrator in the healthcare industry. But that’s just a stepping-stone to her big dream of working in the dental field.

Top 5 Blogs of 2014

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Should I Go Back to School?

If you’re thinking about returning to school for your degree, here are some considerations before taking the leap.

Download Social Graphics to Show You're IN!

Download your social media images to demonstrate your pride in Colorado Technical University, an accredited university tailored to the needs of educational achievers. 

General Education: Does it Really Matter?

General Education is more than classes that are officially Not Your Major. In fact, the skills you pick up during Gen. Ed. may just be what land you the right job.

Online Education: Facts and Fallacies

Myths about online education persist, despite its increasing popularity. This article debunks six common misperceptions about the online education experience.

4 Questions You Must Ask About Disability Access to Technology

Technology may benefit most people, but it can put others at a disadvantage. Learn how to ensure students with disabilities benefit from technology as much as others.

Making College Accessible to Students with Disabilities

The most recent government figures show that 11% of all undergraduate students in the U.S., amounting to more than 2 million students, have a disability. The majority have learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and about a quarter of students have physical, hearing or vision impairments. A significant portion of this population also includes veterans who have returned to school in higher numbers thanks to the GI Bill, Wounded Warrior project and other initiatives aimed at assisting veterans.

The Personalized College Orientation

Having the responsibility of controlling the pace and manner in which you research, write and submit your assignments is a large part of taking classes online. Because of this, self-directed learning has become synonymous with the adult learner’s approach to taking classes. But does the same concept apply to your orientation to a university?

This Week's Top 5 Blogs

From tips for creating your personal brand to the importance of patient privacy in the age of social media, here is a sampling of this week's top blogs.

This Week's Top 5 Blogs

From the importance of cooperating with diverse populations as part of our homeland security efforts to the latest innovations in wearable smartphones, here is a sampling of this week's most popular blog posts.

This Week's Top 5 Blogs

From ways to thrive as an IT professional to how to job search on your mobile device to advice from some of our distinguished lecturers, here is a sampling of this week's top blogs.

This Week's Top 5 Blogs

From the importance of cultural sensitivity in the workplace to ways to use social networking to land a job to a look at the state of homeland security, here is a sampling of this week's top blogs.