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How a Cloud Can Save the Day

Those who work in information technology know that it can be an exciting yet fast-paced environment. Modern firms have demanding needs to stay on top of the ever-evolving trends in the technical space. Talented individuals are needed to help solve complex technical problems with creative solutions.

Security Challenges in East Africa: U.S. Army Tabletop Exercise in Tanzania

In addition to east Africa being a geographic region, it is also a political and social one in which many of the countries share a common national language, Swahili.

Corporate Citizenship: How Responsible Leads to Profitable

Business organizations that currently do not use social responsibility initiatives don’t have a clear understanding of how social responsibility can be beneficial to the company’s success.

Is Sleep Deprivation Holding You Back?

You’ve heard it before – it is essential to get the proper amount of sleep so you can perform your best at school and work. Yet sleep is still one of the first things modern students and professionals cut from their schedules when they get busy.

Security Risks Surrounding Near Field Communication

Another technology is making inroads into our professional lives, while experts begin to weigh its benefits against the security risks.

Online Learning Success Strategies: Part 1

The term “non-traditional student” once referred to students taking online courses. Today, though, the online platform is becoming the new tradition, thanks to factors like convenience, cost, and easy access.

The Fine Line Between Probable and Possible

Many in the general public are familiar with the terms “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” but few are able to distinguish between the two.

Q & A with Amy Powell, Director of Operations for Starbucks

Amy Powell, Director of Operations for Starbucks Coffee Co. recently led a webinar on operational excellence and efficiency as part of CTU’s new Distinguished Speaker Series.

Op Ed: The IT Energy Solution

Energy is a familiar topic during election seasons. Presidential candidates offer a variety of ideas on how they plan to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil, calling for innovations within the industry.

Does Generation Y Care About the Economy?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the economy in recent years. The 2012 Presidential election season has brought the term the forefront of discussion.

The History of Capital Punishment in America

Since reinstating the death penalty, the U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in on multiple occasions about specific issues related to capital punishment and our criminal process.

Conservative vs. Liberal Healthcare Viewpoints

Healthcare, its access and costs, has been discussed and debated in presidential elections for decades. As November 6th quickly approaches, it remains at the forefront of political dialogue.

Federalism and Homeland Security: Our Constitutional System of Governance

All governing systems have their pros and cons and the constitutional system that we have in the United States is no exception. One could argue that the single theme that has served as a central thread throughout American history is the old argument between Thomas Jefferson and James Madison over the role, power and authority of state versus federal governments.

Global Impact of the Rise of China: An Emerging Superpower

As China’s economic might and global economic footprint has increased so have China’s aspirations to play a larger political and military role, in part, to protect its growing international interests.

Is the Age Wave Ruining the U.S. Economy?

The hidden controversy surrounding the continuing woes in the U.S. housing market and the U.S. stock market has less to do with the recession, which ended – by economic measures – two years ago.