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Rudy Nimocks: Portrait of a Seasoned Police Chief

No meeting with former Chief Rudy Nimocks, University of Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Police Department, retired, is complete without asking him about his experiences as a police officer, and police executive.

The Fine Line Between Probable and Possible

Many in the general public are familiar with the terms “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” but few are able to distinguish between the two.

The History of Capital Punishment in America

Since reinstating the death penalty, the U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in on multiple occasions about specific issues related to capital punishment and our criminal process.

‘Double Blind’ Lineups Guard Against Mistaken Identity

Truth is the goal in every criminal investigation. In order to prove it, many types of evidence are used, including eyewitnesses.

America's Toughest Beat

The United States – a progressive global leader in countless areas – currently imprisons more citizens than any other nation in the world.

After the Aurora Shootings: The Prosecution and Defense of James Eagan Holmes

As extensive media coverage of James Holmes’ shooting spree in Aurora, Colorado continues, reports offer firsthand accounts from survivors of the unfortunate night.

After the Colorado Wildfires: 3 Lessons in Disaster Preparedness

The Waldo Canyon fire is mostly gone, now, but has left its mark on the mountainside, the neighborhood, and the hearts of people. My thoughts go out to those who lost their homes.

The Six-Pack and Criminal Investigations

The goal of any investigation is to find the truth. However, sometimes methods we use to uncover the truth don’t measure up. The “six-pack” is one method that has long had a role in how law officers identify suspects recently been called into question.