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Solving a Real-World Problem

At the CTU Aurora campus, the students of one capstone class invented a solution to a logistical nightmare.

3 Steps to Landing a Job in Homeland Security

If you are trying to get hired in homeland security, see how to beat out the competition.

Colorado Technical University Awarded Accreditation of its Business Programs

The ACBSP Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners recently awarded CTU initial accreditation of key business programs.

Thinking the Unthinkable: How One New Book Explores the Iran Question

Amid the media frenzy surrounding Iran, a book has emerged that clearly details the situation and its options.

Big Data Is a Big Deal!

Who knew the love affair between numbers and analysis could affect our daily lives so profoundly? Here’s the scoop behind Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

Knockout: Why Concussions Should Be Taken Seriously

Concussions aren’t pretty. But with professional sports players setting the right example, fewer people will have to suffer their potentially dangerous side effects.

Are IT Industry Salaries Competitive? 9 IT Roles and Their Salaries

Interested in launching a career in IT? Learn more about 9 IT roles and their salaries before you make the leap.

Even in this Economy: IT Jobs Met with Shortage of Skilled Workers

IT is considered a “hot” industry, yet many employers are struggling to find skilled workers in the field. How will you make yourself known?