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How to Become a Software Engineer: What You Need to Know

With so much of today's business landscape relying more and more on technology, software engineers have become highly sought-after positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that software developer jobs will grow by 17% through 2024 (much faster than the national average).1 We've broken down a few tips on how to become a software engineer below.

Demand for Cybersecurity Experts is Growing Faster than Supply

Computer hackers are getting better. Their ability to unleash harmful viruses or expose personal identifiable information has created a need for an entirely new job sector: cybersecurity experts.1 But the supply of trained cybersecurity professionals doesn’t even come close to meeting the demand—and the divide is getting wider every day.1  

What to Know Before Starting a Doctoral Degree Program at CTU

Thinking of getting a doctoral degree? Here’s what to know about earning the highest level of academic achievement at CTU.

What can you do with a Computer Science Degree?

Interested in pursuing a computer science degree? Read on to learn more about possible career options after graduation.

Stay Smart with Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with others, but you may be putting yourself at risk by sharing too much.

5 Reasons to Get a Computer Science Degree

Computer Science is about a whole lot more than typing code. From earning a better salary to making the world a better place, the field is rife with opportunity.

Ralph Mowers Defeats Challenges

Student Ralph Mowers finds the online schedule flexibility is helpful, especially as he has multiple sclerosis – being able to complete work in the comfort of home has proven beneficial to his progress.

A Look at the Inner Workings of Bitcoin

Dr. Bruce Harmon, University Program Director for Computer Science, offers his expert explanation of Bitcoin technology.

Heroically Big Data: Career Opportunities and Beyond

Computer science professionals are finding employment opportunities in the progressive field of big data and big data analytics.

Playing to Win: Jane McGonigal on Why Games Can Change Lives

If you think computer games are only for the lonely and teenaged, think again. According to Jane McGonigal, they have the power to change the world for the better.

Reboot: What the Internet of Things Means for the Future

Technology’s advancement impacts more than selfies and Facebook postings. As the Internet of Things gains momentum, even the thermostat is getting online.

Big Data Is a Big Deal!

Who knew the love affair between numbers and analysis could affect our daily lives so profoundly? Here’s the scoop behind Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

The Beauty of Technology: How Classrooms are Harnessing the Power of Emerging Media

The media revolution involves more than Facebook. Here’s how technology tools are breaking into classrooms and revitalizing the educational experience.

Information Technology Career Guide

Information technology (IT) drives everything we do in business and society. IT has created a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year working environment.

Safe to Move About the Office: Mobile Security in the Workplace

IT professionals work to keep business information safe on mobile devices. Do you know the security techniques to protect your technology?