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Cybercrime: The 21st-Century Criminal Threat

Gone are the days of harmless computer geeks.  Cybercrime is one of today’s biggest criminal threats with major consequences for businesses and individuals alike.

Horizontal Violence: Nursing’s Rite of Passage or Shameful Behavior?

Getting a nursing degree doesn’t guarantee acceptance by the community. The ritualistic horizontal violence among nurses is a real problem that demands solutions.

Customs and Border Protection: Rooted in Nation’s First Congress

An evolving agency, Customs and Border Protection covers more than roaming lonely stretches of borderland.  It protects our airports and seaports too.

D.M. or Ph.D. in Management? What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

Pursuing a doctoral degree is a big decision. Understand the difference between a D.M. and Ph.D. to make the best choice.

North Korea - The Aggressive Hermit Kingdom

With one of the world’s largest armies and a growing weapons potential, North Korea is a country not to be trifled with.