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Is the U.S. Prepared to Manage Cybersecurity Threats?

The United States does not yet have a national strategy to deal with cybersecurity; cyber law is undeveloped, and while narrow segments of expertise exist inside and outside of government, broad understanding of the threat and what we might do to prepare for, recovery from, and respond to cyber attacks is woefully lacking.

Why Most Entrepreneurs Avoid Decaf and Leap Before They Look - Q & A with Dr. Gene Landrum, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese

An entrepreneur is an enlightened renegade who refuses to kow-tow to conventional wisdom and is always willing to bet what they have to get what they want. Entrepreneurs tend to be radicals on a mission to sate a deep-seated passion; an obsessive Promethean (Intuitive-Thinker) willing to sacrifice all for the redemption of a dream. And strange as it may seem, an entrepreneur tends to leap before they look.

Cybercriminals: Masterminds Wreaking Havoc in Cyberspace

There is a tremendous diversity to the threats in the cyber domain and the entities that are behind them. Let’s take a closer look at the individuals responsible for the various threats threatening our cybersecurity.

Online Learning Success Strategies: Part 3

The key to beginning your education, despite the curve balls life will throw, is finding the right balance between organization and time management. These skills are critical to ensuring you can get through these difficult times with your best foot forward.

Cyber Threats to our Personal and National Security

In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness month in October, our faculty offer insights on both policy and technical issues related to cybersecurity. In our second post of the series, Bruce Harmon, Ph.D., took a look at the defining terminology making its way into our culture. In today’s post, Stephen Recca, M.A., takes a look at four cybersecurity threats from a policy perspective.

Security Challenges in East Africa: Economic and Social Concerns - Part 1

CTU’s Global Security Series offers background on current national and homeland security topics. Dr. Morag recently participated in the Eastern Accord 2012 Counter Violent Extremism Exercise in Arusha, Tanzania. His second post in this series looked at primary security threats from the trans-national and global Jihadist groups operating in the region. Today’s post will focus on some of the economic and social challenges facing Djibouti, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

Uncovering the Truth: The Reality of Criminal Profiling

Law enforcement has long been a rich source of fodder for the creative minds that keep us entertained in front of the television – not to mention the big screen – year in and year out.

Trojan Horse, Zombies and 15 Critical Cybersecurity Terms You Need to Know

These days, everyone is vulnerable to cybercrime and other breaches to the security of their digital systems and identity. Our world is increasingly connected through computers, smart phones and tablets and an exploding number of apps. This influx of technology makes for that many more digital portals to protect.

Guest Speakers Focus on Career Development at Fall Doctor of Management Symposium

Excitement, engagement and inspiration are the common threads that we strive to weave into our planning to ensure that each doctoral symposium we create is an outstanding experience for everyone involved. And the fall symposium for CTU doctoral management students this week is no exception.

Rumblings Over International Financial Reporting Standards

We are on the cusp of seeing a uniform way in which financial statements will be prepared as a result of the growing global economy.

Security Challenges in East Africa: Global Jihadist Groups

The East African region, and neighboring Yemen – located just across the Bab al Mandab straight – have been a central area of activity for al Qaeda, its affiliates and fellow travelers. Prior to 9/11, al Qaeda carried out its first major attack against the United States in the region when, in August of 1998, al Qaeda suicide bombers attacked the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Online Learning Success Strategies: Part 2

The term non-traditional student once referred to students taking online courses. Today, though, the online platform is becoming the new tradition, thanks to factors like convenience, cost, and easy access.

Rudy Nimocks: Portrait of a Seasoned Police Chief

No meeting with former Chief Rudy Nimocks, University of Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Police Department, retired, is complete without asking him about his experiences as a police officer, and police executive.

What Is Cyber?

Cyber is in. Government officials share worries over cybersecurity. The Intelligence Community warns of cyber threats from nation states, anarchist groups and lone wolves. Civil liberties watch groups decry infringements of privacy and individual rights by state-sponsored cyber eavesdropping.