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Balancing Life and Learning

At CTU, we know there is more to life than earning a degree. That’s why our programs are structured to meet students where they are.

Drawing Out Student Veterans

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Cyrell Johnson founded the Student Veterans Organization at Colorado Technical University to draw out other veterans like him.

Doing What You Shouldn't Do - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

A lesson from entrepreneur Gene Landrum, Ph.D., proving that pursuing the unconventional path - despite what others tell you to do - has its rewards.

Career Transitions: From Trial Lawyer to Professor

Richard Holloway started his career as a trial lawyer, but found his true passion when he started teaching and hasn’t left the classroom since.

Could a Dream Career be Just a Stone’s Throw Away?

Former NYC video producer, Nora Pugliese, knows how hard it is to make the leap to a new career path, but she also knows its rewards.

My Worst Meeting Moment from CTU Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Connie Johnson

Unprepared and anxious –these are often familiar feelings during meetings. A CTU education confidently prepares you for life’s important meetings.

Passing Out and Moving On

Fainting – one of our worst fears during interviewing. Your education at Colorado Technical University can confidently prepare you for life’s important meetings.

What Thought Leaders Never Stop Doing

A thought leader is one whose expertise is authoritative in his respective field. See why CTU’s reach and influence fall in the same category.

How Hugo Villegas Changed the Worst of Humanity

Hugo Villegas was a successful CEO in Bolivia when he was kidnapped and held by terrorists for ransom. When he emerged, he developed his passion for education.

How to Stay on Top in the IT Industry

Information technology (IT) is a growing industry. To stay on top of industry trends, you’ll need to proactively act on opportunities.

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Great Test Taker

An average grade earner in high school, Tonya found her dream come true excelling in college writing. She found confidence through higher education.

CTU Alumna Noelle Pikus-Pace Takes Silver in Sochi

CTU alumna Noelle Pikus-Pace graduated with her MBA from CTU in 2007 and won a silver medal in the skeleton event at the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics.

Entrepreneurship: Do’s and Don’ts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For the aspiring entrepreneur, experienced entrepreneur and business faculty member Dr. Emad Rahim shares his advice.

Getting a 'Real' Job - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Chuck E. Cheese restaurant concept creator Gene Landrum, Ph.D., makes the point that an entrepreneur may face the expectation of getting a ‘real’ job.

My Career-Changing Moment Reveals Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Dr. Gene Landrum describes how he got involved with developing the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant business - even with no food service experience.