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Are Businesses Profiting at the Expense of Society?

On February 14, 2013, Dr. Ingo Böbel spoke as part of the CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series. A published author and scholar, Dr. Böbel has had a profound impact on industrial organization research and shared his insight into the economic theory of creating shared value, also known as CSV. Here are a few of the key takeaways from his lecture.

Six Reasons Businesses Go Global

In August 2012, we launched Colorado Technical University’s new Distinguished Lecturer Series with Amy Powell, Director of Operations for Starbucks Coffee Co. The CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series continued on February 21 with Dr. Marika Taishoff, Director of MBA programs at the International University of Monaco, who offered her insight on Going Global.

3 Critical Factors for Cultural Sensitivity in Business

If you’re studying international business, then you’re learning how unique social, legal, political and cultural factors affect business dynamics. To be effective, you need to have an open mind, great observation skills and most importantly, cultural sensitivity.

How to Successfully Pass the PMP Exam

Interested in adding a Project Manager Professional (PMP) designation to your career toolkit? Recently, I reached out to PMP and friend, Fahad Usmani, to gain his insight on the PMP certification process.

The Benefits of Creating Shared Value as a Business Strategy

The CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series continued with Dr. Ingo Böbel, a published author and scholar who has had a profound impact on industrial organization research.

Why Business Students Should Care About Ethics

In the early 2000s, the scandals at Enron, Arthur Anderson and WorldCom caused leading enterprises and places of higher learning to have more prominent discussions about business ethics. The late-2008 global economic meltdown added more names to the list of once reputable companies that have now become infamous: Washington Mutual and Lehman Brothers.

How to Identify Stakeholders in Project Management

As a project manager responsible for completing projects successfully and within scope, it’s imperative that you know the stakeholders. Stakeholders can be a person or organization with an interest in the project’s completion. This can be anyone from an influential customer, sponsor, the public or performing organization involved in the project.

Can you Help Rebuild the Economy?

The economy is slowly recovering. But what can be done to fix the challenges we are facing?

Fast Food and Russia: A Match Made in Food Heaven?

Is bringing a popular U.S. industry to Russia a good thing? The Burger King Corporation is attempting to find out. A recent Moscow Times article describes the Burger King Corporation’s strategy to increase competition with fast food rivals McDonald’s, KFC and Subway for a share of the Russian fast food market. Fast food is certainly not new to Russia but Burger King is late to the game, with Subway, McDonalds and KFC holding the top market share.

An M.S. or an MBA degree - Can't Decide on the Best Option for you?

A Master of Science degree is typically focused on a specific career path, while the MBA degree offers a broader view of general management. When faced with a choice between the two, it’s less important which degree you pursue. Rather your attention should be on how you intend to leverage your degree professionally.

Innovation Leadership is a Key Ingredient to Business Success

Innovation leadership is the practice of applying leadership to support the creation of new ideas, products, services and solutions. An innovation leader realizes that any employee can conceive innovative ideas, at any moment and for any reason. They recognize, support and empower employees to be creative.

Becoming a B.E.S.T. Leader

Often, leadership is attributed to personal and professional success. But what defines a great leader? Opinions on this vary from source to source. In my experience, great leaders practice the B.E.S.T. principles.

Life Lessons from Chuck E. Cheese founder Dr. Gene Landrum: Why Hitting Bottom Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Game Over

The second installment of the CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series featured Chuck E. Cheese founder Gene Landrum, Ph.D., last month. This short blog series recaps inspiring stories that the well-known author and educator shared during his guest lecture. In this post, uncover why Dr. Landrum believes hitting bottom doesn’t necessarily mean game over.

Project Manage Your Way to a Happier Holiday

Often, we’re so caught up in completing individual tasks at hand that we fail to realize our work efforts can nearly always be approached like a project. Furthermore, this project-in-disguise blind spot can lead us to unknowingly rush through important aspects of an endeavor. This rush results in a less efficient implementation and often a less-than-optimal end result.